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A Comcast tech was supose to come out to my house to install the cable between 12-3. He/she NEVER SHOWED NOR CALLED!!!! I had to call Comcast 3 times and NO ONE KNEW WHERE THE TECH WAS!!!! Two different people ASSURED ME that I would receive a call within 15-30 mins after waiting an additional hour! TOTAL BS!!!!! .... I NEVER received a call from the tech or from anyone at all to reschedule! TOTALLY RUDE!!!!! The WORST customer service ever! WTF Comcast!!!!! GET WITH IT! You are a big company! There is NO EXCUSE for such POOR service!.... Even the customer service rep was so POORLY TRAINED! It was rediculous!!!!! GET WITH THE FREAK'N PROGRAM. OFFER BETTER SERVICE or LOSE customers/clients left and right!
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comcast really sucks *** i know it cause the call center is located in Mexico and the Customer Service Representatives not recive a properly training,CSRs , managers and trainers dont care about the service and treat customers like *** ,if you have comcast and youre reading this do yourself a favor and cancell the service cause is expensive the triple play is *** the internet service always is slow and intermittent the cdv service fails over and over and the cable tv sucks very hard , comcast is caca aguada......

@ex comcast worker

I Hate comcast Gabbu Service! Never called me after trying thousand times also!!!


Comcast Business Class. No.


No show, no call no nothing. Wasted my time.

Installer needed but can not be found. Comcast customer service has reach new lows this past year.


Comcast BUSINESS CLASS service offers NO WAY for BUSINESS customers to communicate with Comcast BUSINESS REPS by EMAIL!! How retarded & ***-backwards is that?

What century is this? BUSINESS CLASS is supposed to receive "better" customer service yet they show NO WAY to communicate with the BUSINESS reps by EMAIL.

And, btw, when the 2 Comcast installers first came to the biz address 3 yrs ago to install Internet, they could not find the internet wires & said they needed to cut *** in the wall to find them, & would we give our approval? (What choice did we have but to say Yes? We assumed they knew what they were talking about!) They promised to repair the hole after installation.

So we said OK, we needed the internet service, so do what you need to do. -- So they cut *** in the wall about 1-foot by 1-foot square, near the baseboard. As soon as they did that, the 2nd guy FOUND the wires they were seeking UNDER THE EDGE OF THE CARPET, saying they did NOT need to cut the hole in the wall after all! -- Because they wasted so much time & were obviously on a timed tight schedule, after also installing 1 TV line, they hurriedly left & left the hole in the wall never repairing it as they said they would.

And yes, the Biz Exec Rep (who had set up the contract) was informed re the hole & incompetence if their installers to no avail. They promised to reprimand them or get them better installation training or whatever.

This occurred in N. Florida.


comcast could not care less about quality - they suck ***.




typical CONcast service

Miss Elvira

Totally, totally agree!!!I think they were even voted (I forget by who) as one of the top ten worst customer service for a company.


Please People if a Comcast Business Class Account Executive approaches your business think before you sign anything. Most of the individuals who sell in Comcast do not tell the truth.

This could leave you with a contract and bill. There is an old expression one can run away from someone but one cannot run away from themselves.

I just could not watch these people rip off the customers no longer. :sigh

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Comcast-Worst Customer Service Ever!

It is Friday June 17, 2011. My first appointment to have Comcast cable moved from my old house to my new house was Sunday June 12th. I still do not have cable despite 16 phone calls and 5 online chats. We have not received 1 phone call yet about the installation, althogh Comcast acknowledges we have had an installation appt every day since Sunday. I did recieve 1 call from Comcast asking me to return my digital boxes since the service was turned off Sunday at my old house. Their customer service ranges from apathetic to snotty to downright rude. I will NEVER recommend or use their service! By the way, I had cable with them for over 14 years, and my parents (since it was the same house) had the same company too since 1986, so that's like 25 years. So much for customer loyalty!
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This happened because Comcast sucks. They've been jerking me around for years because they are the only cable provider in our area. It's an ongoing nightmare.

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Comcast in Waynesboro, Virginia - I am to big to listen to you small people

i am trying to put up a fence in my yard and the comcast box is right on the property line, my wife first goes to one of there locations and ask to have the boxed moved. of course the first thing that come out of there mouth is we have easway right to be there.knowing how big companies like this works, people do not know what they are talking about they just try to act like it. so we go to planning board and come to find out the easway is in the front of the property not the back. we call again and a man come out and i ask him to move the box and he says can i more it here 3ft to the left and i say that not my property. then again the phranes come out we have easway and i explained to him no it is at the front of the property and so he starting walking away he says on going to planning and see. i said ok but i have already been there. week go by nothing, wife calls again and the service rep says someone with contact you in 48 hours, a week laster no response. she call again this week and the service rep say this is still open and no one has contacted you. great minds were hired by comcast. no i do not know what to do, hire a lawyer and sue them??????????? the worste part i do not trust comcast with having the box on my property, i have pictures of them leaving on box open,half on ect after they finish working on something. i have never complained about them coming on my property to do repair work and then leaving box open. children could really get themselves hurt by things like that.
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There is more than 1 easement the one cable uses is the energy right of way. Comcast cant just back a truck up an throw a pedistal anywhere.

Not sure how old your edition is but the pedistals are done b4 the homes are built using the property lines and energy easements. Moving a feederline is not a 5 minute job and very expensive your yard would need be trenched up to pull it out and move it.

I would go back to the zoning commission and ask where the energy easement is located and you could just go around the pedistal if this be the case. We are talking about a 2 foot tall 5 inch wide object not a brick shed.


Notify the Public Service Comission in your state.

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Comcast's Poor Customer Service

I have only had comcast for 3 months and have a had several issues from installation to billing. Everytime I call I get all type different answers and my account is never noted from prior times I have called. Comcast is too huge of a company to have such awful customer service. Other large companies make customer satisfaction their #1 but not comcast it seems its #10 on their list of company goals. There must be a way that their issues can be fix. I hate I even comitted to this service for 2 years, I wish there was a way out!!!!
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I had trouble with intermittent internet just as a comcast tech installed my neighbor's system from our common pedestal. I called to let them know the problem. They told me that since I wasn't renting their modem I was not qualified for a customer service call!

I tried to politely tell them that it seemed certain the problem was at their end. I have a newer Motorola 6120 modem that has never had even a hint of a problem.

Then they tried to tell me that because I have a router in my system, they couldn't help me because of that "complication". Is this *** or what? Finally I convinced the lazy rep to check my connection and refresh it, and after about 20 minutes he came back on and said in a sarcastic voice "is there any other problem you would like to bother me with?". I can't believe these people. If they acted like that in public they would get punched.

After they refreshed my connection, everything worked again. I didn't have a chance to say thanks, *** on you, or anything else. The rep just disconnected the call.

I am disgusted and looking for another company to do business with. Whatever else is out there couldn't possibly be any worse than Comcast.

Oh, and the 'quote' they gave when I signed up increased by a few dimes a month for no reason until now it's $6 more than it was. Nobody cares to explain that, either.


XFAILITY/COMCRAP. I worked at the Lynnwood, WA call center where a fat sup named Kim Edwards sent email telling to work off the clock without pay.

We were fired when we complained to HR, but Kim (who is on her 4th husband) still works there.

We are going to win a class action lawsuit against them. call retention dept and ask for discounts/promos.


They are horrible... Never seen such poor customer service with any company i have ever dealt with.

they are by far the worst I have ever seen.

I have spent 4 hours on the phone since my installation a week ago. from installation to billing issues and no one seems to be able to take care of anything

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Comcast in Denver, Colorado - Would not let me have the special because I am not a new customer

I am at the end of my yearly term with the phone and internet with comcast and I have called and talked to customer service people 5 times and they all state because I am not a new customer I cannot keep getting the supposed discount rates. 5 calls I have made to them!! I pleaded and told them I was unemployed and they were very apologetic but no one would bring the price down to what I was paying. So I am forced to go to the competitor. If comcast would treat their existing customers better they might not need to apologize so much and use so many customer service people who know nothing about what they are doing!!
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you don't need cable if you don't have a job

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Comcast in Richmond, Virginia - Downright thieves

I have had comcast for the ast eight months and it has been the worst service possible. I've scheduled a technician to come out and check my service because it was constantly interupted, they only show up about 30% of the time, also as a way of "apologizing" for *** service I recieved a "free" dvr for a year, which I was charged for immediately. Also they have made it impossible for me to pay my bill without extra fees, Its takes me about 2 weeks of calling in order to make a payment. And due to having such difficulty paying my bill my service gets cut off every month and I have to pay all these fees evey time to get it turned back on, and I live in an apartment and I cant have a different provider. If anyone thinks about getting comcast you should have a psych evaluation performed immediately
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If you want to take a couple min reading this Comcast sob story, I think you will like it...

1. I get a TV/Cable package.


2. 1 week later, everything stops working. Comcast says, "sign up for this bundle and you'll be saving money and back to surfing TV/Web in no time!". Ok, nice, I'll take it!


1 week later, everything stops working again. Comcast says, "you don't have the right box and need replacement"....Ok, I drive down and get a new box, everything is working again" Cool!

4. 2 weeks later, Comcast kills more than half my channels. Comcast says, "this was not the right bundle, we are going to sign you up for a new one with no extra charge" Ookaay....

bill is the same price, but I'm on a different bundle and reclaim my channels.

5. Couple weeks later, Comcast kills my channels again and also raises my price because of the "last bundle" upgrade(which was supposed to be free...but apparently not now). Comcast doesn't know why, but they want to sign me up for "a new bundle that will save me money and give more channels"...again. I get the bundle, save no money and once again reclaim the same channels I've had from the

at this point, I'm thinking their just toying with me for fun. 6. Couple months pass. Bill gets raised by $25 randomly.

Comcast says "we made a mistake and gave you too good a deal, we need to bump down your cable service with less channels if you want to continue paying less, unless you want to continue paying this higher fee"... "we can also set you up with a new bundle with more channels at an extra $20/month" 7.

I hear the word "bundle" for the very last time in my life.


Their day of reckoning soon approaches.


Stay away from Comcast... they are thieves.

The price of my service goes up every 3 months. Their customer service sucks.

I talked to some of the customer service reps who were to have the managers call me so I could explain my issues but I never got a call back. This happened 2 times.


I've had Comcast for 30 years. alas...the word now is that bunny ears wont' work anymore, since they're trying to phase out local stations.

I just got my little digital box. The hype was that we would get more stations, but I lost my 2 favorite channels, and only got a terrible rock n roll station and a religious station in return. (Which may have been there before, but I programmed them out of my lineup)

Of course, my cable bill also went up by over 40%. It looks like they have us by the short hairs.


Just wait til they start jacking up your price after an initial short term bundle price expires. Ouch.

Get away from them QUICKLY.

Direct TV is sooo much better of an option. Frankly, not bunny ears may be a better option.

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Comcast in Southfield, Michigan - Very poor service

I would rate Comcast an 'F' for failure. As part of their Winback promotion I switched cable carriers from WOW to Comcast. After 4 service calls during the first 10 days within installation, I still have intermittent internet service, loss of channels on 2 tv's and horrible picture quality on a relatively new television. Take my advice. No matter how good the deal looks or how much money you are going to save switching to Comcast > don't. Any savings isn't worth all the hassle and headache you go through after signing up with Comcast !!! Just say NO ~~~~~~
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Comcast slow aLL of June 2011 after 4pm.

12mega bits to 3 and 3ul to .14 is bad. they confirmed it with online tech help and no answers to correct the problem. i just barely send and email and wait 20 second for google to appear. For the rates we pay them this should not happen! they even are now increasing rates again. once At&T get it going i will drop Comcast like a bad habit. elp and no answers to correct the problem. i just barely send and email and wait 20 second for google to appear. For the rates we pay them this should not happen! they even are now increasing rates again. once At&T get it going i will drop Comcast like a bad habit.
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My internet was very spotty as well. Took 4 calls before they decided there was a problem on their end and sent a tech only for them to charge me $27 for a "video service call".

4 months later and still not credit for this charge that I was never told about and for a issue that was there's!!!! I hate Comcast!


i was schedualed for a simple wire promblom i had to call customer service four times and still didnt any kind of service. Comcast supervisor and customer service wants me to be sypathetic for the technican for him not calling saying that he tied up on another job and want to give me only a twenty dollar credit for sitting around 8 HOURS!!!!!

for him to get here!!!!!



Ugh yes Comcast truly sucks lately! Especially for online gaming/watching videos!


OH MY GOODNESS Yes .my internet has been acting up alll this month!


Your issue is caused by saturation. If the node has too many users it will slow down if the usage gets too heavy.

Also depending on where you live another issue could be the weather.

As the temperature increases the metal expands causing issues in the plant. It is not an issue of repair as the other poster says.


My Comcast Internet has been so internittent and the wait time for them to " attempt " repair is getting too long. I got $19.94 DSL here from my local phone co.

Verizon as a backup for when my Comcast goes out of order. At less than half the price, for most of my online things DSL is just as good at least 80% of what I use internet for.

Most of these companies are more concerned about selling subscriptions and services than they are keeping their systems up to date and in good repair. Unfortunately it is not only Comcast.

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Comcast in Heyworth, Illinois - Rude treatment by customer service rep

During a call to Comcast due to lack of or intermittent internet service was treated very rudely by customer service rep. My husband has been calling pretty consistently since frequently we are not receiving all the channels we pay for. We have been very frustrated since we've also been having problems with the internet but he hadn't called about that. I thought he had called about both, so when I was switched from the person dealing with cable problems to internet problems I was treated very poorly by her because I had initially said he had been calling about both. She then repeatedly, but in a very harsh tone scolded me because they can't help you if you don't call in. She repeated 2-3 times after I told her he just told me he had not called in. We have been frustrated with them for a while and this only convinces me more that we probably couldn't get worse service with AT&T or satellite. Time for a move! Comcast (or xfinity, or whatever you're called now, you may be the biggest but you're probably the worst as far as delivering the product you promise! Shame on you!
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Just some Greedy people is all i can say

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Comcast Service, Another No Show !

My Comcast internet worked for about a week after the last repair by Comcast. Went out again and had a scheduled appointment between 11 Am and 2 PM 3 days after I reoprted my internet not working again. Comcast " Tech " never showed up. I am beginning to think these time slots they issue to customers have No validity, they just get to you whenever they can and just lead you on with a time frame. Since my last internat outage with Comcast, I have subscribed to Verizon DSL as a back-up and it is working quite well for me at half the price of Comcast. At least now I don't have to totally depend on Comcast for internet. Might be something for other Comcast Internet subscribers with a lot of recurring problems to think about.
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There is no monopoly. You can get your TV from Dish, DirecTV, over the air.

You can get your internet via local phone company etc. as well as your phone service. Where is the monopoly? As for the tech missing time frame, They are given many jobs during the day and some take longer than others, the company tries very hard to prevent this from happening, ***, they give you $20 for a missed time frame.

The tech is supposed to call in if they can't contact you and have them try to make contact before the job is closed as not at home.

Some techs do as you suggest but it is not the company. There are thousands of techs working for them and there are bound to be bad apples.


Cal the Public Service Comission in your state. Also you could register a complaint with the Better Business Buearau in your area.

The Public Service comission is supposed to keep track of these monopoly companies. I got Verizon DSL for only $20 per month as a back up internet since Comcast has become so unreliable lately, that is what I am using now to stay on the intenet.


I am 51 minutes into a phone call with Comcast. The tech did not show up for the appointment between 2 and 4.

I call after 4, was told tech came by, no one answered the door, nor did anyone answer either of the phone numbers he called. Well, I'm sitting here watching the street. Caller ID shows no incoming calls all day. They tech must be lying.

They're telling me it's impossible to get the DVR installed today. Still waiting for a supervisor to come on the line. They lie, they don't care about customers.

They have a monopoly. Which government agency do we contact?

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