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Comcast (Saveology/ Support Squad Router Scam)

I googled "Comcast Boston" and saw an ad "Comcast Xfinity Triple Play for $99/month!". I called the associated number and the person who answered asked if I was interested in starting Xfinity service. These reps do not verbally identify themselves as a third party vendor. It sounds like you're speaking directly with Comcast. They request a credit card number to ship the required wireless router to your address. I repeatedly asked why this was necessary. The Comcast techs usually have everything with them when they arrive. She just repeatedly told me that she could not initiate the service request without a credit card number, "This is how we do it now". I finally relented and gave her my number. They then provide you with the actual Comcast number to call to initiate service. When I called Comcast, they explained that this is a third party vendor not affiliated with Comcast. This company is reselling routers.
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Under the advise of a Comcast employee in Jan 2013 I purchased a Modem for $109.99 & Router $69.99 from Saveology Tech with a rebate for both so that the equipment would be free. It's a scam, as of today I have called Saveology many times and contacted BBB.

Saveology will not respond to BBB.

They won't send me my refunds. Do not buy anything from Saveology.


Hello everyone... I too felt I was ripped off by this company. I bought the cable and modem october 2012 and sent in my reciepts by november 2012. Then I heard niothing. I called and they offered me a $200 certificate. I was pis*ed. I wrote this off as a learning experience.

June 2013 arrived. I had moved away from indiana where I lived when I ordered this modem. I got an email asking me what my e-mail address was and they had tried to send me teh check for $179 as promised but the check was returned.

I emailed back my current address and lo and behold the check arrived. Needless to say I deposited it imeediately. So teh scam is not stealing your money but rather keeping it for 6 months and getting interest from it? if 1000 people paid $200 each thats a lot of money and they collect the interest. I think is non standard practice and probably not the best way to go about running a business as they incur a lot of ripp off report like posts.

Personally I wont buy from them but they did give me my money back like they promised albeit 6 months later.

Just wanted to share that with those of you who felt ripped off.


I'm going through the same problem with saveology. I've been waiting for my rebate for 8 months or more.

They tell me the same lame excuses.

It's so frustrating. :sigh


just fell for this scam, thought i was ordering a router from comcast. i simply called them back the next day and cancelled the order...

hopefully i won't have any other issues.

I did have to pay a $9.99 service fee for them to transfer me to the real comcast... which was kinda dumb but I'm happy they didn't refuse to refund me.


i sent my rebate form to saveology back in june 2012 and was supposed to receive a check within 10-16 weeks. after the 16 weeks was up i started calling every 2 weeks and was told different excuses for the delay each time. last month, they even offered me a gift card to in place of my rebate. WTF?! today i called, now 25 weeks since they received my rebate form, and i spoke with a supervisor. he mentioned that they outsourced the rebates to another company and he wasn't allowed to give me their information. he then said he could expedite my rebate and i'd have it within 4-6 weeks. he also mentioned there are disclaimers on the form that explain that 10-16 weeks is just an average and that they aren't bound to those time limits.

lots of shady ***.

i'm still not sure if i should ever expect money from them... if not i will probably try to take it up with comcast or more angry phone calls to saveology.


I agree with Nate. I sent in my rebate back in June 2012 too and I kept calling about when I would receive the rebate and they told me the same outsourcing ordeal, as well as trying to offer me a restaurant giftcard. UGHH!!!!


have you recieved the cheque yet?


Did you ever receive your money back from Saveology?


Hi Nate,

the same exact thing is happening to me here in Cambridge MA & Comcast. I bought my SaveologyTech router and mailed the forms in on Dec 2012... today July 2013... no rebate.

I called them in March and the rep informed me they had a computer problem that would further delay the refunds another 10-16 weeks.

This must be happening to many others. Comcast should be responsible in providing their customers with reliable 3rd party vendors. Comcast actually connected me to Saveology for this Router offer so I trusted the transaction.

Does this now require a class action lawsuit??? Any lawyers out there? Even if the class action just gave use a few dollars back I would take some pleasure that they were fined for this poor choice in a 3rd party vendor.


did you ever receive your rebate ? they have been telling me the same as you.


Im having the same problem, one excuse after another. I received one of the 2 rebates due from them, and then they told me the second one was null & void since I mailed them in the same envelope?

The instructions say nothing about mailing seperatly.

I have reported them to the BBB & FTC :upset I will never do business with saveology again! Steer clear of them!!!!!


Just like Tim mentioned above, I have been waiting for my rebate check from SaveologyTech for more than 18 weeks now. I called and emailed customer service 4 times and they all said:" it is in pending".

he told me to check back in Oct 1st, 2012.

By that time, it will be 22 wks. Does anyone know how where to file a complaint or report their scam so other customers won't be fell to their bait?


How can Saveology have satisfied customers when their email addresses bounce back as undeliverable, long hold times on their customer service line with constant messages to leave a message that will supposedly be answered within 24 hrs or email them to undeliverable inboxes??? I have yet to get through to a live person...I either get disconnected after HOURS of holding or have to end the call myself & do something else.

Trying to get my router/modem rebates & they require an order # that the sales rep said would be on my shipping invoice. Nope, not there!


Saveologytech sold us a Comcast deal for phone & internet service with the promise of a free modem & router via a rebate.

However, the free modem they sent was for internet only and they do not even have internet/phone modems.

They told me their deal with Comcast is that they sell internet modems and Comcast retains the market on phone/internet modems. We now have to pay $170 for a Comcast modem or pay $7 monthly. We were told by Saveologytech that this "misunderstanding" happens often.

This little scam benefits Comcast and Saveologytech.

Attention Lawyers......... CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT MATERIAL!


Last week my daughter looked up Comcast online to set up service in Houston, TX. Calls the saveologytech # then we conference call giving my credit card # and we order router & modem with the promise they would arrive in 3 business days.

$200.00+ dollars charged to my account, no merchandise yet and she is standing in huge line as we speak at the Comcast Office trying to get internet service after having travelled across country for two days moving to Houston. Comcast you should be ashamed. I am reporting to BBB and credit card co.



I learnt a god lesson from Saveology tech. NOTHING IS FREE IN THIS WORLD.

If some claims to be free by mail in rebate that is "FRAUD". I bought a router and modem from Saveology tech refered by comcast in thier site. They said they will be processing the rebate in 12-16 weeks and now they say they will take 18 weeks.

It is a big fraud company. Just keep yourself away from this kind of company.



i was about to start working with saveology but i just couldnt ..can u believe their sales training actually want their new hires to be *** there is no such thing as customer service. the worst experience ever.


You all aren't that smart are you? If you agree to buy something they will make the sell.

I work for saveology and it is reliable. You guys are too *** to get service set up that's why you are all complaining.

a good salesman assumes the sale. For example "let's get you set up with this today" and if you say yes then we can do it.


Bob, you are ***. Everyone on here agreed to get a product with the promise of a rebate.

You and your *** employer will not send any rebates out. You are the worst kind of trash, I wish nothing but ill on you and your family.


If you think it's bad being a Comcrap customer it's way worse being an employee. Former employees won a class action lawsuit for making us work off the clock without pay. Call Retention Department to get discounts.


I called "online comcast" and they told me I could have the Comcast Triple Play for $131.99/month increases in prices ever. Plus they would send me a free new router and modem.

I agreed and they went to connect me with "installation" and I got disconnected. Thank god. I called the regular Comcast number to follow up and they said they had no record of my $131.99 monthly deal.

Then they said Saveology is only a third party vendor unaffiliated with Comcast. ***


The people at Savology are scam artists. When I searched for Cox in Phoenix, I got Savology instead but they identify themselves as being with Cox as an authorized provider. They sent me a cable modem with no instructions so I called them. They would not provide the missing information without charging my credit card for tech service.

I refused to be charged for something that was their fault. They said it was the manufacturer and that I should call them. Lame!

finally, they had a tech guy call me back who said it was Cox Cable's fault that the modem didn't work since I should have called to give them the Mac address. Hmmmm. I thought they were a Cox provider??

Cox was more helpful but ultimately told me the Savology calble modem was incompatible with their system and I should send it back!

Save yourself the trouble and never do any business with Savology. go directly to Cox!


You guys need to listen very carefully when you order things if you agree to anything

"ANYTHING" Can Happen These people were hired by these cable companies you mentioned so they know *** well who they are. They are sales people doing there job which is to sell.

You people sitting here crying but yet you all agreed to the services you were charged for. Dont blame Saveology Blame yourselves this company has plenty of satisfied customers.




I know you work for them - you must. Only the worst kind of *** could defend these liars and cheats.


Just got "comcast online" number and went thru same charade with Saveology. Lucky for me, I did not give them cc or ss number.

I actually called back twice to cancel what they called an order number. Both times - was hung up on!!

Then spoke to Comcast who had no record of this order. Guess it is because I wouldn't go so far as to commit with a cc.


They've taken LOTS of money from my cc before I was able to notice!!! It's a government owned credit card too!

Let's see how happy Uncle Sam is about this fraudulent charge!!! Oh, and I called my friends at the BBB too and let them know about it.

YOU ALL should do the same!!! BBB ALL THE WAY!


I just want to know how I can contribute to taking Saveology down, down, down, forever!

I am serious. I have been inundated with their SPAM and my ISP filter cannot stop them!


Just had a run in with them, for the same thing, comcast. they are a scam!!!!

scam!!! scam!!!

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Comcast in League City, Texas - Waited for serviceman 7.5 hours. Service complete after 9PM

Transfer cable/phone/internet service to new address. For a year we have paid Comcast "before" our bill was due. They gave us a 3 hour window was 11-1 then 12-3 then 3-5 then 7pm. Finally showed at 7:30pm. Called Comcast all day, not one time did they call me. Promised to have supervisor call, of course no one did. Every time I called I hear this very friendly recording "If your not happy we're not happy, Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed" Must have been a lot of unhappy people at comcast yesterday and today. Everyone was very sorry though and they will credit my account $20. Let's see 9.5 hours makes it a little over $2/hour. I'm not sure I know anyone making that low a salary. And remember the supervisor that was suppose to call me within 3 hours still has not called. I'm thinking they could care less about customer satisfaction.
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Comcast in Corvallis, Oregon - Cablegeist...UGH!!

Ok so a while back, My cable has been doing some pretty scary things. By this i mean shutting itself off while in use. Now I think my TV's been affected somehow. everytime I watch the TV, this strange whistling noise comes out like someone's turned on a really loud water faucet and it drives me banannas! (but that might just be the sensitive hearing talking) I am already holding a grudge against comcast for not being very helpful when my internet shut down on me so I'm really trying to live with the noise (even tho it's enough to go out and kick a puppy to listen offense I love dogs) Idk, I'm afraid if I call comcast to come out and take a look at the TV, they might bill me for wasting their time because like the one guy (dummy!) said when my computer was on its last leg "It's not their department." Who knows the TV might be telling me it needs to retire but I barely use it now!
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You may want to check 4 stray voltage. If the Cable drop to your home was done properly it should be grounded to your power ground rod,power riser,or meter box.

This is due to the electrical code they have no choice. If you have an off neutral from the power line to your home it is possible for stray voltage to get to all your electroncs.

If your TV and other devices are just shutting off by themselves its most likely a power issue not cable. And yes if they determine its your eqt causing the issue there is a standard trouble fee of $60 unless you have the wire protection plan for $2.99 month.

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Comcast can't deliver uninterruptable service!

I have had Comcast for 5 years. I can't remember any length of time when I have not had service interruption. Even after several technicians have come to look at all the wiring inside and out. All they seem to be able to do is offer a "refresh" or maybe replace the cable box. Can anyone in the organization ANYONE - supervisors, line workers, customer service reps, sales reps...I've spoken to them all - recognize a problem? They all seem to be ok with tiling on tv, dead phone lines and Internet that just turns itself off. When will another company come to my area????
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Comcast took over out local network and ever since its been horribad. Ive got what was sold to me as 'a bundle package' that would, "save you money because your getting internet, HD TV, and phone service all throught the same billing plan."

Well, after a year of uber *** service I called to rework my plan because I was tired of my phones cutting off, friends yelling "Can you hear me?" into their phones, and scratchy cable TV. The representative from COMCast tells me, "your not on any bundle plan, you can cancel the phone service or anyother part of your services and it wont effect any of your billing. We dont have any bundle plan." WTF ?!?!?

My internet, cable, AND PHONES cut off several times a day for 15-30 seconds intervals. Originally I was told this was because of a bad line, which they came out and ran a new line from the pole. It didnt help. Next I was told it was my cablebox, which theyve replaced twice now. It hasnt helped. The last 2 or 3 guys that came out swore it was my LinkSys Router that I needed to replace so I bought one of THEIR routers. It STILL CUTS OFF EXACTLY THE SAME AS BEFORE. This has been going on for over 4months. They are a HORRIBAD COMPANY and Id suggest if they havent already taken over in your area, fight to NOT LET THEM.


I have had a very similar issue. My internet will be fine for a few months then all of a sudden it will stop working throughout the day.

Every time I call them they say that my whole building has "a weak signal" and there is nothing they can do about it...then magically a few days later it will be working fine again.

This last time I was told they could send someone out but they probably couldn't do which case I would be charged $40 for their "help". I wouldn't be with them still, but nobody else offers internet in our area...

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Comcast #1 in worse Customer Service

Called for HELP 3x to correct something that was not my fault I was billed incorrectly for my service i got an adjustment on 6/21 made a pmt over the balance due with the adj my service was suspended in error and I made several attempts with phone reps to resolve my issue but every rep that I spoke to at your comcast made me feel like they didn't care and there was nothing they can do about it even though it was of no fault of mine then i spoke with anitra in customer service id number 3as who agreed with me that my service was incorrectly suspended she stated let me get my manager to get your service restored Paula Sierra manager would not want to take the call after several attempts of trying to get this resolved I realized that comcast does not want my service anymore if agents or managers can not resolve a customers issue when the customer is correct where is the satisfaction guarantee in that I will be paying my balance on the acct and this will be the last funds ever received from me I will go with another company or no tv at all if I have to this is the worst experience I have ever had with any company
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Comcast in Washington, District Of Columbia - Scam on bill

I have been getting the run around with comcast for the past 6 months. Everytime I call, I think everything is fixed until my cable is turned off and I haveto call again. This time my promotion began in dec but ended in march ccording them because they bill a month in advance. So my december bil had prorated chargesz from dec through feb. None of what the sales lady said did I actually understand. This cable company is ridiculous and only act this way because they are the only cable company in this area. I wouldn't recommend them my worst enemy.
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Comcast billing

We recently moved out of Maryland to a new state. When we turned in our cable boxes/converters/remotes, we discovered that one digital convert had inadvertently been packed by the movers with our household goods. To make matters worse, the converter was on a small television in our finished basement, and since we are renting for 6 months while we sell our house in MD and buy a new home, that piece of equipment is located in one of about 200 boxes in long-term storage. We explained the situation to the Comcast rep who told us that we had 60 days to return it or we would be billed $50.00. Sign, another unforeseen moving expenditure. We asked the rep whether we should pay right then or wait for the bill and she said Comcast would send a bill. Less than 30 days later, Comcast did indeed send us a bill for $50.00 to cover the (still) missing digital converter. The bill was dated June 7th and had a due date of June 28th. It was forwarded from our home address but we received it on June 13th. My wife wrote a check and sent the payment into Comcast. Yesterday (June 29th) we received a letter from a collection agency for the $50.00 payment even though our bank shows that Comcast cashed our check on June 23rd. My wife called Comcast this morning and asked to speak with a manager. Comcast confirmed they received the $50.00 payment on 6/23/2011. The bill from Comcast wasn't due until 6/28/2011. The letter from the collection agency was dated 6/23/2011. After being on the phone with Comcast for over 1/2 hour asking for a manager, she was transferred to Tracy(team lead), who claimed she was the person in charge. After explaining about the collection letter, Tracy said to my wife that Comcast "sends the bill to the customer and notifies the Collection agency the same day." Even though the Comcast bill to the customer has a due date of 3 weeks later. Excuse me?! Comcast notifies a collection agency "the same day" that the bill is sent to the consumer? This constitutes consumer credit fraud by (falsely) claiming non-payment on a bill the consumer has not even received yet.
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Comcast in Arlington, Texas - If it works don`t fix it!

when i try to flip through the channels it takes forever to go to the channel I want.I can hit the remote 5 times and channel doesn`t move, then goes to the 5 th channel.if i try to hit every channel it takes 2 seconds to go from channel to channel. anyone else find this problem?i also cant set my tv to turn off at a certain time.They did away with that function I guess.favorite channels is a pain too good luck with that.complete disaster. what lunatic thought this up?*** ! dont upgrade again!
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COMCAST won't solve customer problems.

Signed up for COMCAST Triple play. Had it installed. That evening neither TV nor phone would work. Called COMCAST and spent some time on phone before co. rep. said a tech would have to come the next day. I would be called. Next day (6/29) no one called so I called on my cell phone. First 5 calls was disconnected by COMCAST phone system. On 6th call reached an agent in Texas who couldn't find me in system. Gave me a bad area number to call. Then spent an hour with online chat accomplishing nothing. Then called again, talked to an agent who told me my phone was fine (I still couldn't get a ring tone). Asked for a supervisor and was promised one would call me within 30 minutes. Guaranteed! Now two hours later, no call. COMCAST is great at selling and promising but their service is awful. A whole day wasted for nothing which sums up their attitude towards customers. We are worthless!
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Ditto to all users of Comcast who had trouble with their handling of equipment. We changed plans and had their technician come to take back equipment. He dropped the box in the driveway and ran over it!!! We picked up the broken piece, but Comcast wanted US TO...
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I hate comcast. they are crooks and the company should be shut down.

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