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Comcast SERVICE stinks..

6 days and numerous calls to comcast... NO PHONE, NO INTERNET, NO TV- 6 days.. Called a min of 8 times- and each time here is what I get A BIG FAT LIE... we have your info Ms, someone will respond the next day.. LOL : ). They could care less- 185.00 a month and what do you get besides what you pay for... NOTHING and you barely get that. Actually more lies.. and let me say this.. I find it real hard to believe that that a company has that level of integrity and gets to stay in business- They must employ absolute RETARDS, and they all seem to be have a little reverse racism in them- Fools dont even know the TRUTH..
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Comcast is useless

I have been having trouble with Comcast for 2 months. DVR would not record, we went to office and traded it in and now this one is not working properly. The sweet people they put on the phone to talk to you, don't know anything but to try to apeese you. I am so tired of giving them my box number and waiting anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes to talk to someone! Comcast get your act together or get out of the business.Right now I have an appointment for Tuesday at their conveinence...Sick of their runaround
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Rosaire John: However in your case since the account was under a BULK account, we do have a dedicated support for BULK account holders.

Al: ok

Rosaire John: You may need to call this dedicated number 800-655-9081.

Rosaire John: They will be the one responsible for processing any orders for BULK accounts.

Rosaire John: Kindly take note the number for future reference.

....this number does not pick up for 45 minutes!


Rosaire John: Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Rosaire John: I am here to provide you with excellent customer service today. Please be assured I will do my best to help you with your concern.

Rosaire John: May I know when and where did you try to order a box?

Al: online, on the phone and via email

Al: i have contacted comcast 7 times now

Rosaire John: Oh I see.

Al: over 3 weeks


Al: My Issue: Still cannot order digital box (week 3)

Rosaire John: I hope you're doing well today.

Al: yup

Al: but ive been talking to comcast again

Al: week 3

Al: still no result haha

Rosaire John: I see here that you have concerns ordering a new cable box, correct?

Al: you guys are terrible

Al: yup

Al: I cant order one

Al: im not concerned

Al: i just cannot get one

Rosaire John: I’m really sorry that happened. Let me see what I can do to make it right for you.

Al: I pay comcast money

Al: but have no service

Rosaire John: Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Rosaire John: I am here to provide you with excellent customer service today. Please be assured I will do my best to help you with your concern

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Comcast is the worst!

Avoid this company at all costs. They are criminals. Sure, free digital converter that will allow you to see all your channels, yet the box only goes up to channel 99. Not to mention my bill went up $10 from one month to the next without any change in my service or ordering anything on demand. They are CROOKS. Unfortunately I can't get Verizon where I live. I had NO PROBLEM with them before I moved. I only hope that Verizon becomes available in my town or Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia becomes available on Direct TV. Comcast is so pathetic that before Verizon their customer service reps on the phone were ignorant and totally no help, now because they have competition when you call the actually have it scripted for their reps to ask how your day is going. How's it going? I have to waste more time to call you about your *** service, so not too well. AVOID COMCAST AT ALL COSTS!!!!
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Comcast in Nashville, Tennessee - Unhappy Customer

On May 2, 2010 we had a flood in Nashville that destroyed most of my neighborhood. I called and put my service on hold. When our house was ready to move back into, I called and was told it would be $300+. Told them I could not afford to pay that and they told me I would have to return the receivers. Sorry but they floated down the Cumberland River. They told me at that time not to worry they would write it off. Now after all this time they are calling wanting their $. Very rude and not the least caring or understanding. Do not use Dish not the best on keeping their word!
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Comcast Installer Stole My Equipment

I requested to have 3 cable boxes installed; however, when the Comcast technician arrived he only had 1 cable box. So, I called their customer service department and we rescheduled to have the technician return and install the 3 originally requested cable boxes. Again, the technician arrived with only 1 cable box to install. I allowed the technician to install the 1 cable box. This turned out to be a big mistake. The Comcast technician cut my wires to my satellite receiver and "stole" my satellite multi-switch box. By doing so -the Comcast technician put me in a situation where it would cost me money to continue service with my satellite provider. Of course, I called and reported the problem to Comcast and they sent another technician out to tell me what I already knew. The previous Comcast technician should have never cut my line to my satellite nor should he have ever "stolen" my equipment. He suggested that I contact customer service to report a damage claim. So I did...I called and reported the problem and they told me someone would contact me within 24 hours. Well 3 days past and no one has contacted me; so I called them today. And again, I was given the same customer service script. Someone will contact me from their claims department. I realize Comcast approach to how and why they are slow to respond to this type of issue. However, I don't believe they understand that an initiated response is the best solution to earn high reviews for their customer service. Although I had requested 3 cable boxes, I was willing to over look the initial problems of having two of their technicians to show-up to install 1 cable box. But to have their own claims department to show little concern and no response for their technician's criminal behavior -is difficult for me to understand.
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Comcast Sucks

I can't believe that there is a more terrible company in the entire world than Comcast / XFINITY. Their advertising is criminally false. Their customer service is disgusting. For example, it took them all day to set up the cable. Then the remote control didn't work and their response to me was that I had three options: 1) take it to the office and switch for a new one 2) they will mail me a new one for $10 3) they will send ANOTHER tech out with a replacement for $40?? These options are crazy. They give me a faulty remote and then want to charge me for a replacement?? CRAZY!! This company SUCKS!!
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Comcast and Me: A Dysfunctional Love Story

I get into dysfunctional relationships. I admit it. My girlfriends traditionally like to show up to my work, threaten me, and then get it on all in the same day. They love me, hate me, lie to me, let me down, tease me and drive me crazy. When I signed up for Comcast's services, I thought it would be easy, but it's become one of my worst relationships ever. I'd take any of those crazy hot girls over the dysfunction I get with Comcast. I'm guessing I've been on the phone with them for over 30 hours. I'll only relate my worst experiences. They don't send me bills. I have to go out of my way to get a bill. I forgot to pay them one month, because they didn't send a bill. They called and threatened to come out and turn off my internet that day if I didn't give them a credit card. I called back and said I thought that was rude. The guy said he's waive the late fee if I paid with a credit card right then. I paid. Then I was charged the late fee and an additional $6 fee for paying by phone! I tried to get that cleared up and she told me she had no record of this. One time they failed and needed to send a tech. I was told that someone would be here between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. WTF? I have a job. 13 hours? Seriously? Three hours on the phone later, someone told me they just needed to come out and flip a switch on the outside of my house. They are torturing me. I hate them. Service goes out and it takes an hour to get someone to fix it. "Cycle the modem" "Unplug this" "Unplug that" "we'll send someone out, but it may cost you money" "I've wasted two hours of your life, but I'll give you a free pay per view movie." ***, I'd be happy if the regular TV worked. I don't need a free viewing of "Weekend at Bernies" to make me happy. Why do I keep going back? I need my Internet *** to load fast, so I keep going back. I can't take the abuse anymore. I am not paying them another dime and I am giving up internet ***.
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Comcast - awful.

Customer for more than 16 years. Have had 8 techs in 3 months trying to fix phone problems. Techs are very nice and diligent and assure me they have done everything possible and the problem must be elsewhere. Keep billing me for phone service and each time I speak with customer service they are utterly clueless or rude. I'm done. Say they will issue credit after problem is fixed. At this rate not sure I'll be around to see that happen. Very disappointed and will be leaving this service. They do not care at all about their customers.
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To anyone who has comcast. If you cancel the service, and they come to get the digital box, make sure you get a receipt. I had called Comcast because I was moving and they said they would send someone out to get the box. He came and took it, and Comcast tried to blame and charge me for it. They billed me, and called me serveral times to return the box. I was tired of being harassed. The guy who came to take the box must have stolen it, because they could not trace it. I sure was not paying for a box their employee had taken.
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The same thing happened to me, I thought everything was fine until another technician showed up at my door to pick up the boxes. They claim to have no record of the equipment being returned, I showed the tech the form that the guy left with me and he did not sign it or leave any identifying info on it.

However, the guy had to be an employee of theirs or working with someone connected to Comcast because he had my name, address and phone number, scary to think about. They are not getting a dime for those equipment from me because they choose to hire crooks.

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COMCAST is big biz at it's worst

Update by user Sep 08, 2011

As a result I immediately called their competitor for services. They were glad to comply.

I used to be a brand loyalist.

I now discourage people from using Comcast. I\'m in marketing the Comcast made a very serious PR move.

Original review posted by user Sep 08, 2011

I've been a Comcast customer for 10+ years. I was laid off 5 months ago (April 2011) and got behind on my bill. I finally had the cash to bring my acct current and called them to say I'd pay the next day when my unemployment pymt came. I was told they couldn't extend it a day. The service rep was very flippant and claimed there was nothing she could to do help me. She almost an "oh well" attitude. The next day shortly before noon, I called again to say I had the cash and was told that my service was already disconnected that morning and now I'd have to pay a deposit, plus a reconnect fee AND schedule an appointment for technician to come to my home. Really? OMG Comcast.
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