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My internet drops randomly for minutes or days at a time ever since I moved into my townhouse apartment 3 years ago. I've had too many technician visits to count, at least six routers and other "fixes" in this time and none of them actually fixed the issue.

I was convinced to upgrade my service to include cable TV because that would somehow fix my internet service. It didnt. And I don't watch cable TV Today, when my signal dropped again, i called in again and a customer service rep blamed ME for not being proactive enough and getting the matter fixed or in getting a credit for bills I paid. She took down my complaint and gave me reference number cr702132995.

I asked what happens next with it, she said no one follows up on them. I have never been offered or provided any credits for down time. Service drops at least once a day. I reported to the FCC, was assigned a Comcast person who said she'd call me back, and hasnt.

She gave me a phone number that has no voice mail.

Patricia at 212 731 6334. I work from home, need the internet.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Internet Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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