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Three months ago we signed up for Comcast Xfinity. We have spent over 18 hours on the phone with them trying to get our phone line hooked up so we don't have to pay the other current company for phone service.

They say we need to release the line and give us a number to call. We do this. Another week goes by, a technician comes out after we have confirmed over the phone that the line has been released. He arrives.

He says, "the line is not released, I cannot install."

Then he reports back to Comcast that he took care of everything and installed our phone service.

How is that possible when he sat in his truck for 30 minutes, came to our front porch to tell us the no-go status, and then left? This is the third time a technician has come out and said the same thing.

Last, Comcast still expects us to pay for the service they have yet to provide.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Believe me, you are much better off keeping your phone service from the phone company than from a cable tv company. I tried Comcast phone service and went back to the real phone company in a week.

Too many missed incomming calls on Comcast, It even faded out when I was trying to speak to a Comcast rep. Comcast even lost my original phone number, lucky I could get it back when I went back to the phone company I have had for decades.

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