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On July 1, 2013, we lost our Internet and phone service. Called that same day, spent hours on the phone with your reps. (send ping, unplug modem, reset modem, send another ping, etc., etc). Finally in another call that same day, we were told “we will have a serviceman at your house tomorrow between 3 to 6 pm. July 2, So, the next day, wife uses annual leave, comes home early – AND NOONE SHOWS UP. We call back that same night, told “we have no record of any serviceman set to come to your house today”! “Someone will call within 24-48 hours”, AND “A manager will call you back within 1 hour”!! July 3-4 (24-48 hours) NOONE CALLS!! July 5 Take matters into my own hands, take two hours of annual leave from my work!! go to the local Comcast store, stand in line for an hour, and exchange the modem and the router (just hoping that might solve the problem). Store Manager “Landon” says he has filed a complaint for me, and a representative will call me back within 24-48 hours!! Call and activate the modem, it works for about an hour – then it and the phone go out. Start the process all over again. July 8 Here we go again - NO CALL BACKS FROM ANYONE!! July 10 Once again, after sitting on the phone forever – my wife is told 3 TIMES !! With me sitting right there listening “A serviceman will be there between 3-6 pm tomorrow”. July 11 Once again – my wife *** work – comes home – AND NOONE SHOWS UP!!! AGAIN!! Call Comcast again – ONCE AGAIN – “We have no record of you having a service appointment for today – now it’s set for Sunday the 14th. After voicing our disbelief at this incredibly horrible service – they say “we will have a serviceman at your house tomorrow between 3-6 pm”. I call back one hour later to confirm – and the service appointment is still set for the 14th SO – almost two weeks later – STILL NO INTERNET AND PHONE !! NOONE CALLS – NOONE SHOWS UP !!! NOTHING! INCREDIBLE. I guess it’s finally time to switch to Direct and be done with you people – wow after nine years of being a customer - - really??
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I have total empathy for you, I hate this company with every breath I take, basically had the same situation, except the *** on the phone cancelled our appt because I simply called to see if I could move it to an earlier time frame, but she cancelled the whole appt. And to beat everything I took time off because you know that they come when it's convinient for them and not for the customer!!

Bunch of *** I wish someone would wake up and see the light with these idiots and take away their monopoly in the cable business!!!

I won't call them anymore because you GET NOWHERE FAST WITH THE IDIOTS ON THE OTHER END!!!! And the so called supervisors are even just as *** as the call reps!!!


COMCAST SUCKS - Their customer service is probably the very worst I have suffered in all of my 65 years doing business with AMORAL companies that do nothing but rip you off every chance they get, they do not improve their customer service, they do not spend money on fiber optic upgrades, they waiting time turns from 1-2 hour time period into an all day event waiting on these stinking rip offs.

Just as soon as something better comes along, I am *** canning this worthless company.


This company is the biggest RIP OFF of all the utility companies,,,everytime you turn around ( each year ) they are upping some fee or charge. I am so fed up with them and their charges.

We need a few more competitors in the market to give these thieves a run for their money, maybe then they'll pay attention to their LOYAL customers and give them a price break. They give great incentives to first time customers however the loyal customers just keep GETTING RATE INCREASES!!!!


We used to have WOW cable service and it was great. Switched to Comcast when we moved as it was the only cable service in the area.

It has been terrible. Half the channels drop out and go fuzzy, some channels no longer come in, and trying to get service has been a joke to say the least.

Plenty of calls to add to my current account but no calls back to fix what I have currently. I hope we get an alternate service in our area as I would change in a heartbeat.


You need a service tech, something is wrong with the lines outside or inside the house for sure, once its addressed you'll be good to go! Make sure he is using his meter!


I feel your pain. 3 different 2-3 hr waits at the Comcast Store when we first got it i Jan.

after they forgot to send all the parts in their set it up at home yourself box. Then faulty equipment to return and get new. Now intermittent wifi not working. Scheduled appt.

No show. 1 hr on hold intermittently with customer service Friday night. Tried calling back 3 and got "there are no agents to assist you. Please try again later".

Called back 4th time and just hit random numbers. Got sales who did transfer me to service. Another hr on phone. Will call back tomorrow at 10.

They called at 11 and did finally send someone over who fixed the problem we hope. All in all 4-5 hrs of my time wasted I'll never get back. But at least with perserverence I got through. But it says volumes about how Comcast needs to try getting their own CEO's to try using their service lines.

They would get an eye opening experience. Also, my best friend is a Service Supervisor in MA and couldn't even give me a suggestion after I told her about my call back experience where I was told to just repeatedly call back by the automated system.


Comcast outsources some/all of there line services depending on the location. That outsourcer may be responsible for that area/region. So, yes, it's entirely possible that the actual source of the line issues are not communicated effectively to 'Comcast Central'.

Outsourcing is an effective way to 'pass the buck' and to limit liability!

I'd like to start each customer support conversion with "This call may be recorded for training purposes, and, accuracy". I wonder if they would just hang up!

Keep this post alive so it appears at the top. Maybe Comcast will get the hint.


Cannot understand the service techs. I luv how they put you on hold and then hangup!!!

Why do we have only one game in town? What happened to the free market?


We had Comcast internet for six months and I have never seen such gross incompetence anywhere else. The internet went down and of course we called to have it fixed.

The techs on the phone kept telling me that it was working just fine and it had to be our modem. Finally we managed to get a tech to come out and he told us that their was a break in the line that they've known about and were trying to pull permits to fix, but that it should be taken care of within a week. Two weeks later it's still not working so we call again and were told there is nothing wrong with our service, there was no record of a broken line and reset the modem. This went on for two months, including a trip to the local office where I was called a liar when I mentioned the broken line.

Of course I had pictures of the comcast crew digging the line up on my street and when she saw it she shrugged and said "not my problem". I canceled my service immediately and now have slower DSL, but it's worth it to never deal with Comcast again.


I found this page through an MSN article today about the 12 worst companies.

First, I empathize with everyone's horrible experience. Taking time off work, no shows, bad or no phone service, bad installation, no local offices.....anyone would be furious. I am surprised Comcast made No. 2 and am thankful I've never had these horrible experiences. The posters' locations I read come from the South and East, I'm in Oregon, so I wonder if this is a regional problem.

I would encourage everyone to contact newspapers and some governing agency that has the power to make them accountable. I don't know who I'd call though. They seem to have a monopoly on services in all these states and apparently take advantage of this. Unfortunately, Dish and DirectTV also have poor ratings. This is a tough situation having to choose between the lesser of bad companies. :cry

Keep trying to find someone who will help you get this resolved. There has to be help out there. :?


The problems experienced by the posted complaints are mind boggling to me. I have had Comcast at two homes for years and when I have called I have had nothing less than superior service from them.

They have the most friendly and helpful service reps I have ever experienced. The technicians have arrived within the time window 99% of the time and when they haven't I received a call letting me know they are running just a bit late. I get calls from them letting me know they are on the way. In short, they have one of the best customer service reps a techs I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.

I feel that the survey was purposely inaccurate. Maybe those taking the survey got to vote twice!


So because others' experiences are different than yours, you jump directly to suggestions of fraud; implying that ONLY your experience is true. Happy for your good fortune, but not discounting others at the same time.


I got $20 bucks on the fact this guy either works at Communistcast or either was paid by comcast to spread beautiful BS. I'm calling Bulls,,T


Maybe you are connected to Comcast and thats why you are standing up for this unorganized company. Any company that sells a specail such as the old Triple Play package (phone, cable, internet) for $99.00 amonth for the first year and then raises the price at the end of that first year and the customer complains and asks to be disconnected and Comcast says we now have a new special for $79.00 amonth.

Mean while they are still advertising the Triple Play package for $99.00 under the new name of Bundling is ripping customers off!! Get a clue, this is a company that has no idea what it's doing a daily bases.


Really? So because you got good service it is impossible that anyone else, anywhere in the entire country, could get bad service?

You are an *** or you work for the company. It's mind boggling to me that you would even comment that. So when you say "They have the most friendly and helpful service reps I have ever experienced" you know this because you have spoken to almost all of them working for the company? DO you know how many millions of people have Comcast?

So 1 out of over 20 million customers is the expert on how grreat thier service is. Like I said...***!


Comcast is the absolute worst!!! I cancelled my service with them due to the number of times the cable went out and the cost being incredibly high.

Higher than the other cable and satellite companies. I called to see if they would lower the monthly cost to a more competitive rate. They said no. I called another cable company and signed up with them.

When I called Comcast to cancel, they then decided they would lower the rates. TOO *** LATE! They insisted they would be unable to do anything when i first called them. Then, I sent back all of the equipment and they sent me a bill saying that I kept one of their cables - which I did not.

I refused to pay the $60 ransom for this cable that was sent back so they turned me over to a collection agency. I'm 55 years old, have perfect credit and never in my life been late on a payment - and they sent me to a collection agency. *** call on their part.

I used to place many thousands of dollars of advertising on their system. Used to.


take them to small claims court


This is exactly what happened to my father also.


It is true Comcast has awful service. They treat customers like *** and if you change or add something to your plan they will screw your bill up and blame it on the customer.

I really wish there was another cable company I can deal with in Mississippi.



Will never use Comcast again, have been a loyal customer for over 15 years. Moving to a new home one of my first calls was to be to Comcast...after hours of searching for the right number and location I finally got a live person.

The address to my new home apparently did not show up on their GPS system although the post office and garbage men have no was told a site survey would need to be done and would take a week or more.

Well after 2 weeks called Comcast again and still they could not give me an answer....kicker is the new home is 1.5 miles from their office...they could have had the courtesy to at least call me or have an answer after 2 weeks. Needless to say have another TV/Internet provider


We went with Comcast in March of this year. trying to cut cost.

the price was great for the triple play. it was supposed to be installed that week. we finally got installation 3 weeks later. the first tech they send said he could not do the job as there was a proble at the road.

the next tech they sent said there was not a problem. the first one just didn't want to do it. then the install a converter in one of the bedrooms and had to come back with a box.

the box in the living room (the dvr box) went out 3 times and on the 4th try they finally put one in that would work past a week.

everytime i tried to call "CUSTOMER NO SERVICE" I would get people that had no idea what they were talking about, they were rude and always told me that "IT COULDN"T BE DONE", REALLY! i finally got hold of 2 people (tech support) that know what htey were talking about and really helped.

now they tell me after 4 months that I will not get my $150.00 rebate card that was promised due to i was late paying the bill. Funny how evertime i went on line the balanced said $0. That is because the can't upload the billing on a dailey bases. If i did not havbe 2 years to go on the contract i would really think about my choice.

I feel like i have been really screwed over. the only way i can see where their customer service could improve was to loose customers to start with.


Comcast's favorite line is that someone will call you. Don't believe that for a second. Nobody ever calls, no matter how many assurances there are.


I agree with comments above Salt Lake City, I am located in GA, opening a new small business. Scheduled appt three times to get install of the 2nd phoneline, NO SHOW, NO CALL!!, have assigned new phone number but no evidence of where phone line is.

Customer svc reps did their due diligence, escalated problem to higher ups, never got a callback, and still three months new phone line number but NO connection. Problem still unresolved. If i were for the fact that this is the only area cable/phone carrier would dump them.

Worst service ever to get things resolved!!!! :sigh


Comcast is absolutely the worse cable company in the world. They experienced a systems breakdown (for 2 1/2 days) this week, I had tried calling over the weekend to pay my bill but their offices was closed.

On Monday afternoon, I started calling them around 3 pm but could not get through. I call severals times and was put through to the payment center but no one ever answered the call. I left a message, as requested, but, to date, I have never gotten and return call. On Tuesday morning, I started calling bright and early in the morning, call numerous call, someone actually advised me that their systems had been down since Monday but if I would leave my name and information someone would call me as soon as the system came back up.

Like I stated earlier, I am still waiting on that call. Finally, Wednesday afternoon, after my service had been suspended (they could turn my service off but couldn't restore it, I finally got through and a payment was taken. This a issue every month with them. I think that their customer services representative have been taught to zone out when a customer comes on-line because they are dry, unfriendly, and unapologitic.

This company sucks but there are no alternatives in my area, except for Dish and Direct TV which are on the list of "bad" customer services providers as well. :(


:( Wow! They promised next day service?

I just visited my family in Georgia last week and a storm had knocked down a cable in their yard blocking some driveway and landing on my daughter's car. They were honest and said they would be out WEdnesday to fix the cable.

This was on Saturday. They did come and fix it on Thursday, but My daughter could not use two of their cars and had concern of a fire hazard since the wire looked to be damaged and still slightly attached to the house.


After 8 yrs of which the last 2 yrs we have been fighting with them monthly as they claim we are behind every month an turning us off a from 3 days to a week earlier then when bill is due, an talking to numerous reps with no results finally said enough is enough will go without before we let them keep robbing us already pay 180 a month an only get maybe 3 wks of service a month. Plus they took a payment from bank without authorization causeing acct to bounce an bank fees plus they charged me fee. They are never concerned with long time customers only new customers.


I had problems with internet, phone and TV, they did come out twice as the first time didn't fix it nor did the second, however they charged me for two service calls. I no longer have Comcast!


Living in Hartford, CT., County area, the service in this area is outrageously terrible. I have given them so many opportunities to prove themselves only to get service that was worst than the last.

I'm unsure how a conglomerate the size of Comcast can continue to run with incompetence and a poor customer service level. They ran out of chances with me.


The same thing happened to me in Jan 2013, and now again in July 2013. I lost me internet service, at 7:00am called comcast (after answering all of a robots questions) I was put on hold (over 10 min) and then got a human who proceeded to 1) have me give her all the same information that the robot voice had just asked, and then she had me do the same thing - unplug, reboot, plug here, check there etc.

Finally she suggested that I get a new modem. Which she then told me that I had to drive to the service place (1hr 15 min round trip) to get a new modem. We also noticed that my phone was echoing so she put me in for a non-emergency phone repair for 2 weeks later (Unheard of right?) Anyway, I now go off the the Comcast service center - wait in another line at the service center, where the woman there gives ma a new modem and a special number to call when I get home. I get home (now around 10:30am) dial the number and go though the same endless questioning of the robot, then wait another 10 minutes get a human who proceeds to ask me all of the robot questions again.

He listens to my issues puts me on hold AND then the phone disconnects. I then call the number again and go through what has already been described (robot quetions - this takes forever, hold, hold, hold then people questions.) This guy says that I have the wrong connectors, and suggests that I drive back to the service center to get the right ones. I object to this, and he then disconnects. I call again, go through the same thing - robot, hold 10 min.

person, same questions and this guys makes me do what I have already done at least twice by now - reboot, unplug, switch to the laptop direct etc and then when all of that fails he makes an emergency appointment and gives me a special number to use. He tells me that the guy will come between 3:and 5 - so it is now 12:40. I go to a now re-scheduled appointment (comcast customers have to go to work in order to give our $ to comcast right?) and tell them I have to leave early to meet the comcast guy. Well, I am sure you know already - he did not show up.

I called - robat questions, hold, person same questions get disconncested while on hold. Call back again - robot, hold 10 min. human same questions. He then says my special number has be cancelled and is currently invalid.

I ask to speak with a supervisor. Hold again, disconnected. Called back - same stuff. Now one of these people complained that my story was too long (9 min.).

So my response was well your hold was 10 min. 10 times, and I have been at this for 9 hours now. The some how the service guy was then re-scheduled to come later and still did not show, then he was scheduled for 7am-9 the next day and he still did not show. After and during all of these no shows, I am on the phone with comcast with the robot, hold music, and humans who only know how to ask me for my phone number, exact address, billing number, last 4 of your social - it is appaulling that one has to share so much with so many to accomplish nothing.

Finally the next day (after the 7-9 am no show) a comcast guy shows up (they said that he would call first, but I was just glad to see him. He walked inside and began to repair my phone. I said, well yes the phone has a problem, but my main concern is the internet. He said that his work order was to repair the phone only, and that he did not know anything about Apple computers.

He then after my pleading said he would try to fix it. he created a new name for me and somehow got the computer to work very slowly but not wirelessly. He then said that was all that he could do. I followed him out of the house, asking that he please fix it, he drove away.

I then got back with the robot, hold 10 min. etc. More of the same occurred, disconnect, re-dial, re-do the whole ordeal. Finally, they sent me to a "very smart person" who wanted me to give her $79.

and she would fix it right away. I just could not even believe her - Here is my service provider whose equipment malfunctioned on me -I had to drive to get a new product, get disconnected etc and now they want me to pay to have it fixed. I did not break it in the first place, and what really bothered me what that she claimed she could fix it "today" but only with more money. I told her that I was going to discontinue my service with comcast, and live like a cave man - At the time that sounded better to me than being a slave to comcast (remember I did this in Jan 2013 as well).

Then I decided to call my good old friends at APPLE. I called and spoke to a robot for 5 questions, then a person came on the phone. The first question that the human asked was "what is your phone number incase we get disconnected?" I knew right then that I was in very different hands. Within 15 min.

everything was fixed (and the problem was not even an Apple problem!) and he never asked me for a dime.

Two very big companies, two very different experiences - who do you think I will be spending my dollars with in the future? There should be something like a PETA organization for Comcast customers - their treatment was dismissive, uninformed, and cheap - they are even going for your money when their stuff does not function properly.

@Looking for a new service

So this was a computer issue then?


Comcast, like many other companies, outsources there services. Comcast is only as good as the people they outsource too. Probably, they just don't have the # of service persons they need for your area!

Call the corporate #. Demand service be restored. And be nice but firm. Suggest they contact a specialty service company if there own technicians are unable to troubleshoot there own equipment - that should irk them.

Contact your local news t see if there interested in following this.


To the CEO, From a (former) customer since the 1980's, and an electrician by trade:

First, let me get this out of the way: Your underlings certainly know how to lie to, stonewall and *** their customers around. And keep me from contacting you directly.

The Issue: A "technician" wired our house for internet in 1999, and did so in such a shoddy manner (pictures attached) that I doubted he had much experience at all and should not even have been working unsupervised. In huge part to blame is your "wall fish" policy, which in many cases is the fastest, easiest, cheapest and downright proper way to install a service outlet in a home to begin with, and forcing customers to pay an additional fee for the simple wall fish is not right.

Besides being aesthetically displeasing, the workmanship of this "technician" was sloppy and indifferent to the homeowner's interests. The wire ran for roughly 50-60 feet, much of it within a couple of feet of the ground (under a foot for the first several feet.) He did not even properly ground the installation! I called for a field supervisor, who witnessed the grounding issue in person. It was an accident waiting to happen, though I was assured by this field supervisor that we would not have any problems.

Then a lightning strike nearby sent a surge through this shoddily-installed cable, frying your router, modem, and my laptop and printer. My camera gear was plugged into the same surge protector but was undamaged, leading me to suspect your installation. I filed a claim with Comcast but was told they're not responsible, so I sent the surge protector in for diagnostics. A few months later it came back negative: the surge protector was not to blame.

Then I once again attempted to file a claim, but a Clyde Shaw declined it twice...without proper investigation (I was not contacted at all, nor did he inspect the house in person.)

It was only after demanding to speak with his supervisor that he decided that maybe he should actually investigate my claim.

He said he'd call me in about three days with his decision, and over a week later I hear from him. Again, he denied the claim.

That's when things got ugly, as I'm sure you'll be provided the recordings of my aggravation invoked by the mistreatment your underlings inflicted on me, as I was stonewalled every step up the chain of command.

I'm fed up with this ***. I will consult counsel if you don't resolve this issue to my satisfaction, at which point it will of course cost you so much more.

Cost of damage: Approximately $620.

Paid by insurance: $400.

You owe me $220.

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Comcast in Howell, Michigan - Poor service, long wait time on hold

I have had Comcast for maybe 3 months. from the start there have been problems. gave me equipment for cable phone and internet, self install. couldn't get internet or phone working , cable worked for 30 minutes then went out. 10+ calls to them and 2.5 hours later I had cable. no phone and no internet. I went to bed . next day tried to get it working again , no luck. 10+ calls again to them still no help. I couldn't understand the person on the other end. I went into local office and was told I had no internet or phone. really then what is all the stuff for? ended up with the internet. was told what my monthly bill would be. got my bill and it was a lot higher. Went in to discuss the bill and pay what was to be owed. they told me there is a fee to pay the office, F that I will pay online then. now my next bill is 2 1/2 times what my monthly fee is. called them,they claim no payment was received. once again put on hold for over 5 minutes . when the person returns she says they have to put me on hold again, this time after 5 minutes we were disconnected. this is bs!
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Twenty-five year customer from many name changes and Comcast has sunk to the depths of poor service. FILE COMPLAINTS ... BBB, FCC, FTC (check the rules on the federal agencies).

Last few of my calls (AFTER the phone tree didn't disconnect me):

a. Phone system acknowledges it has my account; 'tech support' denies I have service.

b. Frequently overhear the f-bomb from other employees in the background.

c. Disconnected by agent on verification because I (for example) said D-R-I-V-E. "Nope, your acct says 'dr'".

d. "uhhh, I'm just paid to answer the phone".

e. Asking about modem health at THEIR end: "that's none of your business" click/disconnect.

And WHY are so many people being charged for their own equipment which just happens to coincide with a tech scanning the equipment? Calls to provision own equipment (modem) results in the phone agent "forgetting" to tick the computer screen that it's customer equipment. Lots of accidental mistakes, eh?

Oh, and a tech once (2 months ago) swore at my elderly aunt.


Comcast in Ft. Myers and Naples Fla. is by far the WORST company I have ever dealt with in my seventy six years.

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Comcast in Modesto, California - Required modem for internet

Per a letter I received, I purchased a new modem for my internet service. The letter said I could dispose of the old one. When I went to activate the modem with Comcast, I was told that I really didn't need a new modem because I had one for my phone service. Also, that I needed to turn in my old modem rather than dispose of it.This was very confusing. Please get everyone on the same page to avoid such confusion.Also, why is your call center our of the country? Your techs are very hard to understand which makes it harder to deal with them. I took your survey after my ordeal (this took almost 2 hours) and requested a phone call. I was not called. Is this what you call customer service?????
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  • Comcast tech service

Comcast in Jordan, Minnesota - Early termination fee

AFter switching to Comcast in June 2012, we had nothing but problems. Our caller ID never worked properly. After countless hours on the phone and have technicians at our home, in May of 2013 I was told my a customer service supervisor that it wasn't Comcast responsibility for incoming caller ID, they were only responsible for outgoing?? I told them that I had to have caller ID, that we have one line for business calls and lost business because customers didn't leave a message and we didn't know they called, or assumed we had their number on caller ID. I was told they couldn't do anything more about it. So, after 11 months of Comcast NOT providing the service I was promised I went back to our old providers. Now Comcast is charging me an early termination fee. I received the bill on Monday and already have collections calling me on Wednesday. The fee is only $52.50, but I can't believe they are charging me when they did not provide the service promised. I have called multiple times only to be disconnected or told they don't care. I will NEVER use Comcast again!
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I had Comcast for years, and was happy with the service maybe because I never called for anything. I purchased a new house, and scheduled a date with Comcast to move my service; received a call the day before confirming the 10:00 AM appointment.

I went to the new house waited for Comcast, and no one showed, I called and was told the technician is running late, and should be there between 1-2PM, I again waited, no technician. I called again, and this time was told a supervisor would contact me.. I was there until 4PM, and Comcast never showed up..

The Supervisor called the next day, and another appointment was set for two days later, and the same thing happened..

I packed up the equipment from old house, and take it to them only to be told they were going to charge a fee for terminating my contract with them, and to my surprise, they did sent me a bill..

Had to contact the corporate office with some major threats before the bill was cancelled..


How did you contact corporate? I can't find any contact info.


I live in Columbia, Maryland. I have had Comcast since cable was available.

When it was just T.V. it was okay; when we added internet, a little less okay but when we added the phone as part of triple plaly.... that has been a nightmare. First, we had no phone because of 'band width' and they tore up the yard; then we had no phone because we were using the house wiring rather than tapping into cable directly; then we had no phone because our phones were 'no good'.

Next we had no phone because of too much rain, and now.... now we have no phone because they inadvertently took our number out of the system.... ???? What, what?

Comcast gave us a temporary number which even I won't know and told us 'it will all be well in 24 hours'... that was five days ago and countless hours on the telephone.

Over, the years, we have heard it all. I think it is time for Fios, more than time!


Having Comcast as a service provider is terrible, you will have to quit your job in order to stay home and talk with their so-called customer representative all day, 7 days a week (365.242 days of the year). I have been a Comcast customer for over 8 years and am looking to change, I think that am too much of a loyal customer or am just an *** for sticking to their bad customer service, bad cable, bad internet, bad phone, and humungous wires that their service men have scattered all over my house. Comcast is so bad that I think they should change their slogan to " We don't give a **** so stay the *** away."

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Comcast in Palmer, Massachusetts - Isolated Service outage day 4 and going

We lost service (internet, phone, cable and power) during a minor thunder/lightening storm 7/7/13. Power was restored within 5 hours with National Grid (great). Due to the fact that we have an elderly woman living with us on oxygen and a life line. However, Comcast was not as accommodating. After 6 separate phone calls over 3 days, tyring to assist different techs over the phone troubleshooting, I was asked to call back in about an hour and let us know if anything came back on.(shouldn't you know that?)And another time, I was told they cannot schedule anyone to come to your house because our scheduling program is down, call back in a few hours and see if it is up.(WTF seriously.) I have spent over 5 hours talking to them on a cellphone because I have no other method of communication. While they put me on hold for up to 15 minutes to because I asked to speak with a supervisor. I explained that we had been without comcast services including phones for 3 days and had a lifeline in the home, I was actually told by a supervisor that was unfortunate, they do not have any type of emergency service that could possible help me. The earliest anyone might come out is 2 days from now. Good luck! Is that a joke? Seriously I don't like in a remote area. For $300.00 a month I expect way more than that. They constantly answer their calls with how can I provide you excellent customer service. Seriously how about some actual "SERVICE" If you don't have enough help, hire some. I hate that they have a monopoly on service it should be unacceptable. There is no way to make them more competitive. Aggravated and upset every minute that goes by.
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Comcast Steals From IT'S Customers

I made 15 calls to Comcast about my service being out and each time I was on hold for about 30 to 50 minutes. One of those times I will say that I was disconnected but I really believe that the customer service representative did not want to be bothered because I did not receieve a call back. I made an appointment twice for a technician to come out but they never showed up. While waiting, I checked my bill and found out that Comast has charged me for internet service I don't have and several movies I did not order. I have another appointment for a service technician to come out in two days. Maybe this technician will show up. For customer service Comcast has earned an ***
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Comcast city wide repairs a mystery...

The Comcast cable repairs being done in this city are a mystery to the Comcast phone reps. They have no idea what so ever about any current area wide Comcast repair projects, and of course, their expected completion time or date. Sadly, they have no other references for customers to contact to find answers to these problems. I kind of laugh when I see the Comcast commercials about how reliable their service is compared to DirecTV and Dish, whose customers have to do a rain dance in hopes of getting good reception. Well, at least DirecTV and Dish customers get service...
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Believe me after being a cable plant manager for over 20 years, what they don't say is that they frequently utilize the same satellite dishes to receive the signals...


Probably some construction company dimwit cut the line, the their paying to have it repaired without Comcast knowing so they won't get sued!

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Comcast New Service

We recently moved to a new state and Comcast is the only company who offers both internet and cable, so we went with them. I ordered the packaged online but what I received was NOT what I ordered. First of all they only sent 1 box, not the DVR which was originally included in the package. When I tried to connect service, nothing worked. Not the cable nor the internet. I called and they said they had to send a technician, it would be 2 weeks before a tech could come out. This took FIFTEEN phone calls. 1-5, FIFTEEN. The tech comes out, activates 2 connections (was supposed to be 3) and says nowhere on my account was I supposed to receive a DVR. I couldn't deal with it at the time and decided to take the weekend to just let it rest. Monday rolls around and there ensues an additional FIVE (5) reps and a 2 hour and 10 minute call. The previous supervisor I had spoken to said we would be credited a full month of service (Rita Robertson) well the credit was NOT noted on the account. Future supervisors said I had to contact Rita directly to find out where the credit was but, get this, they do not know how to contact Rita...How can I possibly contact her then?? Mysterious. At the end of the 5 person call I was connected with Stan in Customer Retention who assures me my account is now squared away (without the credits of course) but I have no way of knowing if this is true until the first bill comes. I have no idea what to expect. I still do not have a DVR, although I am being charged for it, I do not even know what package I have because everything got so convoluted, I have the wrong internet speed, and mounting charges for mysterious shipping and tech visit... I could never, in good conscience, recommend Comcast to ANYONE, ever. My frustration level is comical at this point. All of this to PAY for a service. This isn't free, I am paying for this aggravation. I'm starting to feel like a *** because I'm actually doing this to myself for some cable and internet. IF I receive the first bill and it is not as I was promised I will go with someone else because I do not have the time or intestinal fortitude to continue with this bizarre charade Comcast calls customer service.
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I recently switched my service from one address to another. Shouldn't be so complicated right?

I still cannot access my account online. I have been in the office 4 different times,called 3 different times only to be hung up on once. Some other persons phone number on my account. Seriously,does the right hand know what the left hand is doing?

And for godsake,does anyone speak english? So fed up!

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Get rid of Comcast

I have had nothing but problems and POOR customer service. Comcast sent me the wrong letter about a change in my service, I had to order new service, my old boxes didn't work, they were suppose to send me new cable boxes instead I got even old boxes from the 1990's they were so big the didn't fit in my entertainment center. Those boxes didn't work with my TV's, waited all day for a technician to bring the right equipment, no show, after being on hold several times for 20 minutes at a time, I got another technician scheduled, then comcast tries to charge me for their mistakes, a fee for the tech and fees for the first set of incorrect cable boxes and the next set of boxes, in the mean time, I have not had all the channels working due to lack of the correct box. So its almost a month and I still don't have access to the plan I ordered, so I cancelled Comcast and order Dish Network.
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I agree... Have fun....

buzzzzz phizzztt.. dis- ppshhhttzzzzz buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Have fun with dish hahaha .


Any what other cable comany shoudl I get? G.O.D. (Giver Of Digital)!

There is NO OTHER wired cable company! Just like electricity and gas.

The world could end, and the only ones left would be...

- Comcast

- a few laywers

- a few customer service reps

- 1 working drive thu at McDonalds.

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Comcast in Johns Island, South Carolina - The worst customer service ever

After putting my service on vacation for 6 months, I called and re-started. When I got to vacation home, tv was not working, but I had been paying bill. After talking to numerous idiots, they said they would send a technician, but it would be a week. After my vacation. I scheduled a tech for when I would return and when he came, he said my service was only basic, not what I had been paying for before, then he allegedly fixed my internet by moving it away from the office and putting in a back bedroom at other end of house. Needless to say - no internet service in office. Then I come back again and try 4 different times, holding for more than hour and 1/2. Speaking to people outside US, getting transferred without getting any help. I get someone again today and now I am completely without service and I have been disconnected after another hour 1/2 in the middle of conversation. I am leaving them and you should too.
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