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Comcast in Palmetto, Florida - Useless Customer Service

We moved into town so I thought maybe we would give Comcast a chance since we could bundle our internet with them, well that was a hug mistake! When I first called to set up service, I was thinking how good their customer service because the person that helped me was extremely nice. The man on the phone did not tell us about an extra $40 fee for our cable, even though I asked over and over if the price he quoted was correct. Therefore when I got my first bill I called. They said no problem, send back the special boxes and they will send us the normal boxes which is the price we were quoted in the first place. She also told me to just pay the amount I was quoted and when the boxes were returned they would credit the difference. New boxes came and I set them up. There was an issue with the sound so my husband called, they apologized and said they would send someone out and they would credit us $20 for the trouble. The technician came and said they sent us the wrong cables. He gave us the correct ones and then took our old boxes. Next bill came and they never credited us the overage from the first bill, never gave us the $20 credit, and now they were charging us for 6 additional boxes when we only had 3. Called again and found out that they never put in the system that the 3 old boxes had been returned. The lady said not to pay our bill that it would be sent to review and would call us when it was ready. Well one month later the next bill comes and there were no changes and we were still be charged for six boxes. We called again and were on the phone for over an hour going over all the bills and what we should owe. She understood and we both agreed on what we should owe. She said that she could not make the changes, that it had to be done by a supervisor and he would call with in 2 hours. Of course he never called and our service was turned off the next day. So I called explained the whole situation and the woman on the phone was extremely rude, she then put the supervisor on the phone and he was even worse. Accusing me of lying and saying that I was trying to not pay my bill. He said that he had no record of any of the stuff I was talking about so he could not change anything. I cancelled service and am so glad I did. When I called my old company they were so happy to have us back that they are paying $300 of our Comcast bill :)
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On March 26, 2013, I had issues with my email account. After trying to troubleshoot the problem myself, I gave up and called Comast. (Outlook kept giving me a pop-up message that the issue was with my ISP.) I called Comcast that day and asked about getting technical...
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Out of all the things you could complain about Comcast you are partially at fault here as well. I worked for SDC ( Signature Support).

The comment on 12/31/13 couldn't have put it any better. Comcast is an ISP which stands for an Internet Service Provider, they are not a tech support company and your expectations seem to mix the two up. If you have equipment that has hardware/software issues that could be blocking/limiting your connection its not the Internet Service Providers job to probe and fix the issue on your hardware. If they can verify that the signal to the house is good and there leased equipment is up and online there is little to nothing they can do.

When my gas clothes dryer goes out I don't call the gas company because my gas stove works just fine. So why would you call your ISP if your not getting e-mail/internet when the online light is on your modem? You could call them to see if the email servers are up and if there is any jitter/packet loss on the connection but aside from that good luck getting free tech support from your Internet Service Provider.

Your issue is a clear billing issue with SDC/XSS. Billing department was outsourced and was done by overseas people and Tech Support was done by North American techs at the time of your consult which could explain the lack of communication.

The $39.99 charge was standard and put in place for your type of calls (One use). You 4+ hours on the phone to get the $39.99 charge reversed got you a deal on a 30min consult to fix an issue that didn't have anything to do with Comcast. To speak to a legit North American tech for ~1hour is going to cost you much more than the $14.95 you owned up to. If you would have kept going on I think the bill would have been around $220 a year.

For someone who couldn't figure out how to configure an email client properly and figuring out that its something your Internet Service Provider should hold your hand through, $220 is a fair price for an unlimited service given by North American Techs that not only fix e-mail issues but take you through system optimization, virus/malware removal and diagnose and make hardware recommendations.

Instead you rather have this service that was 100% optional (and sometimes cheaper if you got lesser packages) get tacked onto EVERYONE in a watered down system that doesn't include virus/malware removal and the enjoyment of using one of the worst leased pieces of equipment ever given out by an Internet Service Provider.

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Comcast in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Poor customer service

Comcast has terminated my service do to a past due amount on my acct. But with that said, the past due balance was an acquired fee of a home security system that was on free trial for a month and if we didn't want it to have it canceled with no associated fees. We canceled the service back in Feb and assumed everything was ok until I saw two additional charges of almost $200 ea after that. It finally took until July for a customer service rep to go over our bill with us and explain how our acct was credited the charges, ect which then made sense what their billing department had done. The originally gave us a lump sum credit back in Jan but didn't tell us that the credit was for the two months service that we will be getting charged for at a future date. So when we saw two additional months of home security charges on our bill we didn't pay for that portion assuming they would be then giving a new credit for each one. Now I have a sky rocketing Comcast bill and they terminated my service from all this. Its a shame that with countless hours/days of phone calls for two months to Comcast that no one could explain this to us properly so we understood what they had done on our bill otherwise we would have agreed with the charges back in February when all this started and not acquired a huge past due balance (thinking they owed us a huge credit). The gentleman that finally sorted it out for us could only apologize for the prior customer service. The following morning after thinking we were making some headway with Comcast after that phone call, they terminated our service and want to charge me a fee to re-activate. Called Comcast back again after service was terminated to try to work something out with them and the most the customer service rep said was "we have the ability/right to terminate you at anytime". Now no one will work with us for payment arrangements. What jerks!
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Where to begin. We were moving and we requested Comcast to take back their equipment. They gave us the choice of getting mailed out boxes with pre-addressed labels on them or sit at the drop off station for god knows how long. Obviously we chose to mail them back. Now of course Comcast lost one of the packages that contained their receiver and wanted us to pay for it. When my wife refused and asked them politely to look harder, they complied on the phone but we got a collection notice a few weeks later. Strangely enough this happened to me 13 years ago. The only options with Comcast is pay for their mistake or get your credit ruined. Thanks COMCAST!
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Comcast in Lehigh Acres, Florida - NOT TRUSTWORTHY! WE WERE SCAMMED

Update by user Aug 18, 2013

Well it is now almost end of August & nothing has been accomplished with Comcast, the more we complain, the more our rates seem to go up! No kidding!

Our bill was always 149.57 - then jumped to $197.00 for equipment we don't have, not taken off bill as promised, now I learn we have not had Internet service for almost 3 weeks, I am out of town & my husband has been away on business & we have no Internet service, but get this Our Bill is now a whopping $500.00!!!!!! When I call they tell me I have to be home, I don't have to be home to discuss a billing issue, my husband has cld numerous times & gets placed on hold for an hr to hr & 1/2, still have not got Internet at home, or any of our issues fixed! The more you complain to Comcast, they raise your bill!!! There is Absolutely No Way our bill can be $500.!!

In 2 weeks I am making trip into office with all our bills, all the charges they have on there for services & equipment we don't have, all our bank statements of payments we have made & they will either FIX our billing ISSUE & get our Internet back & our phone service resolved or we are contacting a Lawyer!! We have given Comcast ample time to resolve issues with us & make things right, but this company is a down right Fraud!!!

Original review posted by user Jul 18, 2013

We were guaranteed our same phone # if we bundled our service with Comcast and got their Voice, we said we would do this only if we could keep our same phone # as we have had it for over 20 yrs, we were GUARANTEED again, so we did this, Tech arrives gives us a different #,We told him No that's not our #, he called office they said Century Link has not released the number yet, wait a few days or You call them! Tech could not get out of our house fast enough after speaking to the office, he didn't even advise us on how to use the Voice system. Its not our job to call Century Link, that's Comcast & should of been taken care of before any install was made. We call Comcast back, was told, you never filled out proper papers to have # ported, you have to fill out the papers, No One ever told us about any papers, then we are told, Your Number cannot be ported anyway, sorry but we cant do anything for you! We were lied to and scammed about this so a sale could be made. No one from Comcast has rectified this situation nor do they have any intent on doing so, they say they cant help. DO Not Believe anything Comcast tells you or guarantees you, they do not and will not live up to any offers or guarantees they give you. Now come to find out, we have 2 home phone numbers, our old number rings and asks you to leave a message with our answering machine, only we cant retrieve messages, it is still registered to us, Comcast did not do a Thing. They did not follow thru with having number ported, contacting Century Link, they did nothing but scam us and take our monies! BEWARE
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It is ABSOLUTELY your job to call Century Link. That's YOUR account, not Comcast's.

Comcast can't tell Century Link to move your services any more than your disgruntled ex-spouse, hormone riddled teenager or annoyed neighbor.

It is your personal responsibility to liaison and oversee this transfer, with all appropriate documentation in order on the part of all parties.


Ok Mr/Mrs Anonymous which I suspect is a Rep for Comcast, you sound just like one or some political KNOW IT ALL! No I REPEAT,NO ITS NOT OUR RESPONSIBILTY TO DO COMCAST'S JOB!

Comcast told us they took care of everything - we were to do NOTHING! Our RESPONSIBILITY TO OUR ACCOUNT IS TO PAY OUR BILL, NOT DO COMCAST'S JOB! If Comcast cant tell Century Link to move the service then Why Do they Claim too? COMCAST CLAIMS CUSTOMER DOES NOT HAVE TO DO A THING, THEY WORK WITH CENTURY LINK TO OVERSEE THE CHANGES!!




We were contacted by Corporate office, she told me to explain everything we were told, so I told her & she couldn't believe what she was hearing & told me we were indeed lied to, that our number could be ported & she would contact a company called NASR as if anyone can port a number they can & will, she told us Do not disconnect from Century Link yet & she would get back with us in a few days, well its been over 2 weeks & no word from her & NASR, or Comcast again!! So here we are paying for 2 phones lines!

Then I happen to check our Comcast bill & we are being billed for equipment we don't have, so I contact Comcast they told me well you picked up 2 Dvr receivers 2weeks ago, I said No we didn't, a lady cld me & said we will adjust your bill but it will take 2 billing cycles, we still have to pay for this equipment they put on our acct or will disconnect our Service even though we did not have their equipment, Comcast is sneaky & NO GOOD, & we are Done with their lies & sneaky billing. My advice to anyone thinking of getting Comcast - DON'T, you will be VERY SORRY!

They have got to be the worst Business around. JUST BEWARE!!


Typical of this company. They dug up my yard.

Prior to that they ran a temporary cable in my back yard and left it that way for 1yr, must have cut it 12 times with the lawn mower. What made them bury the cable I ran into the techs in my back yard and asked them what they were doing, they said they were repairing the line, I asked you didn't even knock on the door and ask permission to come through the yard, the funny thing was they said they can do what ever they want comcast owns this area of the property. I said really they said yes. I said okay get off my property :( , they said they will call the police, I said do that.

They never did, so i said i will do them a favor and call the police. which i did, the police arrived and i told them what the issue was. They enforced not allowing comcast on the property. That ended with the cable crew supervisor stating he will have the cable buried.

They sent out a crew with a backhoe whom promised to fix everything back the way it was... lies lies lies. It been 3 months with rocks dirt and weeds no sod.

I've been on the phone with them more than 6 hours during the evening to get them to fix it. They are truthfully the worst company

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Comcast - No explanation

After discontinuing TV service with Comcast and only using their phone and internet, I have seem my monthly billing actually increase approximately $10.00 per month. It is now the same rate as when I was subscribed to their cable TV service, even though I only have internet and phone service. After spending 7 hours combined time on the phone with their "customer service" joke, I was told that my bill had actually decreased according to their records! I asked if they were using government math, because originally I paid $90.00 per month yet my most recent bill was $140.00. Their explanation was that it had only gone up a "little" but there was no explanation as to why it went up at all!!!
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It went up because you dropped the bundle deal.

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Comcast in Houston, Texas - Inconsistant billing

TV & Internet service - Each month our bill is a different rate. When calling customer service you get a new excuse for the inconsistant billing. Very costly for the slow internet service and I have never had such poor service. TV channels lock up, cable internet doesn't have consistant service. For the money paid this is a joke. I wish there were a meter on our cable and internet service just like electricity, this way, everytime you loose service, we would not be charged. We will be leaving this provider soon and go without TV because we are tired of watching commercials...It's time to start reading books..
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If your services are completely down for your area, you can get a per day credit on outages.

If your area isn't down, it's just you who are down, then you need a truck roll and should call for one.

However, if you read more by putting off calling for repairs or credits then I encourage that procrastination.

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Comcast in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Told to go somewhere else

I kept seeing commericals about the low bundle package for Comcast. I have been a customer of Comcast for over 10 years so I called to see if I can get a lower rate. They told me that I could not get the advertised price because that was for new customers. I was also told that if I dropped my landline I would end up paying more than the already $250/month bill. So I said that if I dropped Comcast and went to someone else (Fios) I can save over $100/month. They said, "Go ahead". So the next day I called FIOS and was hooked up within the week. When I called to cancel Comcast (Best call I ever made), they asked what it would take to keep me. I told them I tried that and they should listen to the recording of the conversation. I will never go back to Comcast. I am extremely happy with FIOS and I'm saving a little over $100 month for the same options!
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Comcast is Terrible!

I ordered my service over the phone because for some reason it would not allow me to do it online. The person that I spoke with was nice and very willing to help. I asked him specifically if I had a deposit ($150.00) and he said no. He said that he ran my credit and it was fine. This was on May 8th 2013. I moved into my apartment on May 15th. The technician never showed up, so they called someone else. They promised to give me a $20.00 credit for the initial no show. I had to call a technician out there at least 3 times before it was finally fixed. Then around the end of May, I recieve my first bill. The bill was almost $400.00! They added on the deposit amongst other things. I kept calling them asking for them to remove it. They kept saying that could not. I told them that if all of their conversations were recorded, then they need to listen to my conversation on May 8th. I clearly asked if there was a deposit. All in all, I went around and around with Comcast for 3 weeks about this deposit. The people that I was talking with kept transferring me to various people or kept telling me to give them 5 business days to review the recording. That last call I had enough and absolutely refused to get off of the phone until someone helped me. In the end, nothing ever got solved and I definetly do not reccomend Comcast, if you have a choice, unless you have money to throw away!
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Comcast in Broomfield, Colorado - Poor customer service

I have been a customer for 4 years, each year the rate goes up, I have basic cable and iternet. The price is $158, called to talke to customer service Rep to discuss lowering my rate, was put on hold for 10 minutes, came back online and said i found youa deal for $10 more a month, I guess they didnt undersatnd the first time why I called, when I discussed this with the Comcast customer service rep he became agitated and sent me to the Comcast disconnection group. Great customer service Comcast, not a business I want to do business with
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I'm a fomer comcast customer service rep, CAE, who worked in Illinois. People use to call me all the time asking for lower rates, or what can be done to lower the bill, or if I can do them a favor and use the magic button on their account.

The point is, if the person you're speaking to says they can lower the bill, 95% of the time they're serious. If you have basic cable and internet, your bill definately isn't going to be lowered because they just aren't able to. In order for a bill to be discounted, the head office had to put a discount code in everyones computers. And certain codes only work based off what you already have.

There is no manual editing or discount we could create ourselves. Basically if the code for a discount isn't there, then absolutely nothing can be done.

You were transferred to the disconnection dept because sometimes they're given discount codes that normal billing reps aren't in order to save customers. Take it from me, b/c you have basic everything, your bill will never be lowered or discounted.

@Tinley Park, IL CAE

Correction: if the person you're speaking to says they CAN'T lower the bill, 95% of the time they're serious.

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