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Comcast in Elk Grove, California - Have to pay for technical support?!?

So a few weeks ago, my wifi stopped working. I've had comcast for some time and I know it's the biggest hassle to get a customer service rep on the phone. After being disconnected multiple times(!!!) the customer service rep was not able to fix my wifi connection and transferred me to their "wifi" tech support. Except instead of helping me resolve issues with THEIR equipment, for which I already pay a pretty penny for every month, they told me they were going to charge my accound 79$ to talk with a tech rep!!? Since when do I need to pay you to fix your own equipment that doesn't work half the time?! Soo fed up with Comcast! This company has the worst customer service and every rep says the same thing, reading off some script! I would switch to a different provider in a heartbeat if I could!
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Your correct. They are reading off a script.

They need to do the basics first... cycle the modem, reboot the pc... I could never be a support person. I'd probably get fired the first day!


Its' been a month. Have you resolved this issue?

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Comcast in Leesburg, Virginia - Bastards!

I have had comcast for less than a month and already hate them! here is many fails withint the very first month of service: 1) they set up the wrong box and mailed us a new one then tried to charge us for the shipping and handling on their mess up! 2) We couldnt access our account online because they would not give us a password. Finally they had to mail us some security number just to get into our own! 3) The first bill we received had $110 of incorrect overcharges. 4) The second bill was sent and expected to be due 2 weeks after our first one was due. 5) refuse to change our due date on second bill- so now they want two bills paid at the same time- 2 weeks before the billing cycle is even finished. To have this many problems as a brand new customer is disgusting. If you are considering Comcast, DON'T it is not worth the trouble!!
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Every time I call or change anything I get lied to by a Comcast rep. I encourage you to write the Mn Attorney General. They will work with you to find a solution. Comcast MUST reply to attorney generals letters so this is a way you can ACTUALLY get help. This is the link to a very simple complaint form. Only when Comcast has to take ownership for their bad customer service will they ever change. If they get 1000 complaints and it begins to cost them money they will change. Please feel free to e mail directly : Sarah DeZell Director of Client Relations and Standards Comcast 10 River Park Plaza Saint Paul, MN 55107 If you want to call: Secretary Sarah Mihalow Client Serv. Partner Talent Acquisition Comcast 10 River Park Plaza Saint Paul, MN 55107 651-493-5822 – Work If you are reading this from another state just Google" Attorney General" followed by your state and look for the complaint form on the attorney generals site.
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Comcast - My cable bill, crazy

In October my cable was off and they billed for that month, Nov., 1 I went to pay my bill which is $ 139 and change. The office on 18601 NW 2 Ave., a young man who work there was helping me at the machine when he put my card in it took $647.42 off my card big difference from $139 and change to $647.42. Miss DeJean manager of the office told me she will be able to take care of the problem, now for December they sent me a bill for $250.22, I have the basic cable plan with 200 channels HBO was not part of that plan but they added and I don't want or need anything else added to my plan. They gave me numbers to call and COMCAST WORKERS needs to understand without the many clients there would be no Comcast. The person who picked up my equipment in October didn't return the equipment on time so I got charged. I know if my bill was not paid on time they would cut the services, the problem is they will not return the $647.42 to my card or refund the payment by writing a check. There should be changes in Comcast not only for those using the equipment, but for those working in Comcast. When they want feedback I can't and will not give feedback. My name is Dessie Hart and my number is 786-315-1065 I don't owe this company that kind of money.
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Thanks for your phone number...this is how fraud to you could occur if i were thst type of i could csll comcasr say i am you and charge all kinds of things to your account. Especially since i have your name also. Never post this information online and do yourself a favor...change your phone number ...and make sure you change the phone number on all accounts with this number because you just opened yourself up to all kinds of fraud agsinst you


I am seriously thinking of getting an attorney, they have been lieing to me and have been ripping my disabled sick mother off on her bills, when they come to fix things that i called for they promised that there were no charges for these services because it was their fault that things were messing up, every single time they came to her apartment they charged her, she is german and does have a hard time understanding some things, and she says they hang up on her when she calls, so i live in another state and have been calling for her and sure enough they have been ripping her off!!! how many more elderly people are they doing this to?

I am so angry with this company! her phone was messed up last night and the man said he had to get an emergency tech to go to her apt, because they did not have anyone, my mom is alone, disabled sick, and comcast says they are available 24/7 7 days a week? he said he found someone who was going to get there today. when i called billing company today the lady says oh i see your mother has a schedule for dec 24th for tech to come out.

i guess the man on phone last night just wanted to appease me and get me off of the phone?

my mom is on oxygen and her nurse happens to be on vacation for holidays i cannot be there and so she really really needs her phone if something happens to her she is very sick. comcast i am not playing around with you people!!!!!!


I can't wait for my semester to be over and I will drop comcast like a hot potatoes.

They don't care anything about their residential clients. I called customer service when I noticed an increase in my bill.

Instead of trying to help me find a new deal, the gentleman asked "so when would you like your service discontinued". Unhappy with his service or lack of it, I made a complaint through their e-care site and a month later, I'm still unsure when they will actually call me and resolve this issue.

While I don't like making unnecessary changes in my services, I refuse to support a company who has no regards for their clients.

They have lost a loyal customer and I will go out of my way and report this issue to make others aware of comcast's poor service. Do not support companies like comcast who have no regard for you or for your hard earned dollars.


You should never put your real phone number or name on these complaint boards.

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Comcast gave my present "Landline phone number" to another customer.

Since July of 2012, I moved my Comcast subscription from Montgomery County, Maryland to Prince George County, Maryland...and have had nothing but headaches from the servicing staff of Comcast. I subscribe to their Triple Play plan. In November 2013, they finally replaced my modem and I got to use the internet for the first time since They installed their service. Just recently, they took away my "land line" phone number and gave it to some else. I call them every week and all they give me is a repair order number and tell me it will take 24 hours and it will be fixed. Well, this goes on over and over. Every time I call Comcast, the rep tells me that I no longer have that number and in order for me to get it back, the new owners of my number have to agree to relinquish my number back to me. I asked, "what if they don' want to give me my number back?" Comcast replies, "then there is nothing more they can do". I replied that I've had that number since July of 2012 and last received a phone call on it on October 5th from my cousin (who checked her phone records). The people who have my phone number now have only had it for a month. What's even more weird is that the number that they is mine, the same last numbers are transposed. I have had this number for over a year and a half and have it printed on my business cards and all my legal documentations. People who have that number, have sent me emails telling me that they no longer can reach me on that number. What is up with Comcast's attitude. So much for being a so called "loyal customer", which I have been since 1991. I just want my phone number back. What are my recourses? Is there anyone out there that understands my plight?
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Comcast Took Six weeks to disconnect my service and billed me for the extra weeks.

I called to cancel my Comcast service a month in advance. I explained that I wanted to switch my service on the 21st of September and that I wanted to make sure I was paid up until that date, but I didn't want to get a bill after that. Of course they sent me a bill the next month. When I called and asked why, the customer service lady told me it was their mistake and to ignore the bill. Next thing I know, I have a letter from a collection agency for the amount on this new bill. I called again. I was told it was a prorated amount for the partial month. I asked (politely) when the service was terminated. I was told that it was terminated on October 11th. They waited an extra three weeks and then billed me for it! When I asked to speak to a supervisor, the woman, whom I could barely understand, put me on hold three times while "trying to get hold of someone". When she came back on each time, she tried to get me to pay the bill by simply intimating that it would be an easier way to make it go away. When I explained that I would not pay it because I did not owe it, she seemed to be unable to understand the concept.
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Comcast in Hyattsville, Maryland - Pinch me, this poor service cannot be real!

I had the worst Customer Service experience of my life on Saturday. I can't believe how unconcerned Comcast is with righting their failures. I have never had good working service since I was installed with my X1 box. If I knew the X1 box was so fickle I would have never switched from my old DVR box. I have had 3 techs come out to my home including my install and spent countless hours on the phone. My last experience just takes the cake though. Saturday, I was scheduled for a 10 am to 12 pm appnt. Comcast gave me three pre-calls in 5 minutes prior to my appnt. I missed the calls but called right back within a minute of my pre-calls and waited 20 mins to speak to a rep. I confirmed I was home and right after received another automated pre-call right after I spoke to the rep and again confirmed my appnt. By 12:30 I called back asking where my tech was. I spoke to a rep who told me the tech missed my appnt and I would now have to wait from 1-4pm. I asked her why I had to wait almost 5 more hrs for an appnt and why she couldn't just call the tech and see why he missed the appnt and if he can come to my house after his next job. The woman told me that Comcast could not speak to people in their own company to see where their techs are. I asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisr got on the phone and was also no help. However, he guaranteed me that a tech would be out between 1-4 and my service would wrk. Well...... Around 5:00 I called back and was told not only did I not have an appnt scheduled that it was my fault because I missed my appnt. Supposedly, they said the tech came out and I wasn't home at 12:-3 PM. Mind you, the previous rep and supervisor didn't tell me this information. The tech said I had a brown door. I have a grey and a green door. Not sure where the tech was but he was obviously not at my home. I tried to explain this to the supervisor and he went on to tell me in an indignant voice who noted my account as if to say that person doesn't lie and I was lying. Then, the supervisor told me my appnt was just a ticket where someone would call me and reschedule my appnt. Then he said someone called me at 12:03 pm and left me a message. I didn't get a call at 12:03 pm from anyone nor did I miss any calls. So to make a long story even longer, I spoke to 4 people who all lied to me! And all of them tried to make it seem like I did something wrong. I asked the supervisor for another missed appnt credit for wasting 4 more hrs of my day waiting for a tech. He said technically, this was a go back so I can't get a credit. I said first of all, this isn't a go back because no one went the first time. and secondly, I was guaranteed an appnt and that's the only reason I sat at my house waiting for 4 hrs. The supervisor did absolutely nothing for me. So, I am going to go another work with poor internet, cable and phone. btw, my Comcast phone cut off while I was talking to him. The supervisor did thankfully call me back. Also, it took my almost 30 mins to load this page because my internet is almost unusable! So frustrated!!!!!!
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That is Comcast. Absolute no regard for you as a person or your hard earned dollars.

Try writing a complaint to their e-care site and it's useless.

I say drop them! I will next week as soon as my semester is over and find a better provider. Services for me is not only about what channels I get but how quickly issues are resolved and what kind of service I receive should I call customer service. None of this rings a bell to comcast.

It's your money that keeps comcast alive. Drop them!

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I want to increase my pay per view $ amount and no one at Comcast has been able to do this for me

I am a long standing Comcast customer in excellent credit standing. My current pay per view limit is $25. I called last night to increase this amount. The answer was NO! I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told none were available. I called today and the first response from the customer service manger was again NO! I asked to speak to a supervisor who indicated she could increase my amount to the requested amount of $50 and it would be effective in 2-3 hours. Here I am at 8:30 pm and GUESS WHAT? They lied! I still cannot order a pay per view movie. I spoke with Mark, the customer service rep and then Stephen, supposedly the manager and was told they cannot increase the amount. I have to go into a store! I can do everything else online but this? This is the worst customer service and I will be looking into other options for my phone, cable and Internet. I will purchase an Apple TV so I can order movies without dealing with comcast. If this is how they treat good customers I am totally appalled.
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Why did you not order an APPLE TV in the first place?This would have saved you the time and Effort that you put in trying to order and Upgrade from Comcast?And also to BeMore 1958 seems to me your daughter caused you more trouble by getting angry and Disconnecting the entire contract.Now where does the blame belong's on your daughter or On Comcast?You people should have learned by now these Internet companies could care less if you lose your control and Do something drastic.In the end who really pay's the Internet companies or You just saying?Know what you are getting into before you get into it and Their will be no problem from the start to the finish of your contract.


I am disabled and television is only form of entertainment I have. My daughter works all week and we tried last month to order a movie and was unable to do so, something about the balance.

Last night tried to order a movie, I have been waiting all week to watch a movie and relax with my daughter, she tried to order and couldn't. She called and Comcast told her that she had reached her pay per view limit! Amazing because we haven't order a movie in months, well needless to say she was pissed off. So she told them to disconnect all the sh@t(excuse the language) they did, but the screwed up my tv, so she called to have it reconnected now I can't view anything on my tv and I am bed ridden!

Comcast contacted her to upgrade now there is a limit, prior to this triple play upgrade we would order up to 4 movies. The upgrade was to cost less, well the bill is still $400 or more bucks and get this, the bill isn't past due and we have not been able to order a movie in 2 months! She is gonna call tomorrow down grade to basic cable AGAIN!!!!! Contact the Atty.

General (try to void contract with Security System) and go back to AT&T! I tried to tell her Comcast doesn't give a flying rat's BUTT about urban customers. Part of my Social Secuirty pays this bill and I'm sure Congress would be fascinated that a disabled woman who is bed ridden can't watch her TV for days because Comcast chooses to mis treat customers in Urban areas. I tried to tell my daughter, but of course she didn't listen.

I had the same experience with them years ago and when she moved back home to help take care of me, she ordered Comcast! I told her so.....but she was so convinced that it would be less expensive in the end....Comcast charges an arm and a leg (in advance) for lousy customer service.

Until customers start to scale back on the services they choose, Comcast will continue to treat their Urban Customers like ***!!!!!!!! :( :x

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Comcast stole my equipment return money - does not answer their phone

I returned equipment over 4 months ago. Comcast did not provide me with the RMA to return their equipment. I have not received check for $106 I was supposed to get. I tried to call comcast and spent 45 minutes on the phone and only 1 human spoke to me - promised that she would transfer me to another human - no such luck. I went to chat - the chat person could not help me - OH BY YHE WAY!!!! It took me 12 phone calls to Comcast to actually RETURN THE EQUIPMENT because there was no office opened on the weekend when I moved out of the condo - This process has cost me hours of my time - HORS AND HOURS - and is worth far more than $106 -----------------------COMCAST customer service is a morass and I feel like taking an add in the new york times and telling everyone how much it SUCKS AND SUCKS AND SUCKS
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No access to pay bill-- Comcast wrecked credit score

I had transferred our apartment account to my roommate, with the representative telling me that I had no further charges. A few weeks later, I got an email from Comcast saying I owed money. I tried paying it online but couldn't access it because my roommate was the only one who had any access to account now (it didn't show up on her account). I emailed Comcast about it but no response. Another week later, I get a collection bill notice. Thank you, Comcast, for bringing down my credit score without actually giving me a chance to pay. THANKS.
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Why did you not pay over the phone?You could have telephoned Comcast and They would have allowed you to pay this way.Sounds like another" Sob Story".Also you could have given the money to your roommate to pay for you sense you turned the account over to your roommate.I think you thought you got away free but the joke is on you Go Comcast.And know i am not employed by Comcast.


They did give you a chance to pay - they sent you a bill. You do know that you can pay more than one way don't you? Mail, grocery store, Comcast storefront.


Get started disputing these charges with the three credit bureaus.

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