Well a 2nd no show this week. First one was because noone was available.

not me of course but on the comcast end. So the guy/gal didn't show up for work? or just didn't want to come at 8 a.m.? no call to me on comcast end about not arriving or when I will get service.

i got a reschedule from wed to thu but wait...nope they decide i will have to wait to fri for an appointment. I was apparently scheduled and noone bothered to tell me they were going to move it out a day. nice! this company has the worst customer service i have ever seen.

I will end my contract in 2 months. I will not return.

there has got to be a company out there that cares about providing services at a high level of expectation. I guess comcast considers their customers unimportant and by not remaining at least i can have the power of choice back.

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The FCC has rules about cancelling/changing appointments:


to Anonymous #836921

What company goes by FCC guidelines like the one in that link? Companies that work with the Government don't have to follow rules as long as their making money.

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