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Hey COMCAST????? I don't normally take the time to come on here...but I'm beyond frustrated right now and feel like venting. Since moving to GA back in December I have had nothing but a slew of issues, horrible service, and inconsiderate customer support. But hey, just calling them doesn't do justice, so allow me to outline the issues, if you've had similar stories, please feel free to share in the comments:

Early December 2013 - Dispatch was hours late to the residential install, with no comps, no apologies, no credits. But a two year contract was established with the promise of a pre-paid visa...

Late December '13 - first of several tech visits due to failure to provide the services that were paid for including phone, cable, and internet

January '14 - Several outages for both cable and internet services, two tech outreaches and a replacement modem was provided

Feb '14 - Continued outages and disruptions in services, including "false reads" where no outage was stated on there IVR but when a trouble ticket was provided and techs sent out magically an outage was discovered

Mar '14 - See a trend yet? Continued outages and more tech visits, however these techs determine a NEW box is needed for the TV services and wondered why the original installer failed to actually feed the services correctly through the house

Apr '14 - Time for a third Modem...then a fourth. Because the one that was replaced by the tech died which resulted in a last minute run to the local branch to get more new equipment...Yeah, time for a switch. So a call to billing support ensues where we find out that we can't switch because we're stuck in a contract, but wait...actually we're not...or are we? Because three separate billing associates including a regional manager provides conflicting info. Only thing that is confirmed? They want their money, and we don't get the pre-paid card...funny that.

May '14 - Internet issues continue, which is great when you rely on the services for a livelihood right? Contacting Tech Support leads to conflicting information from previous techs, all documented of course.

Jun '14 - Daughter is here and her TV isn't working...looks like that new box they gave was a model so old they don't even carry it...so a new one is given.

Jul '14 - Time for another tech visit. This time for intermittent wifi issues...oh there's a new router that we just got that should fix it...and set it to manual connection.

Aug '14 - More internet issues...Tech: I see the issue, you should be set to automatic channel selection

Sept '14 - I'm done. Hit up chat support, spend 2 hours trying to get to a supervisor to confirm my contract status, cancel my services, and after the first guy saying I'm on a contract, then the manager saying I'm not...got that transcript copied too. Time for new providers, hit up AT&T for phone, hit up DirecTV for video services. I'm not in uVerse territory but will switch as soon as I can, so I figured Business Class Internet would help for stability.

9/26/14 - DirecTV appointment between 8am-12pm, they show up at 8am on the dot. Called before they came, handled business. Comcast Business appointment set between 10am-12pm...It's 7:30pm now and they still aren't here. I've been on the phone for over 4 hours with them today and no one could tell me why they couldn't show up when they promised for an appointment that they set and confirmed over a week ago, that they called and confirmed TWICE prior to the appointment window, and for some reason couldn't manage to get ANYONE out here to install today. I was passed around cold transfer from department to department to people who couldn't even touch my issue, let alone resolve it.

Rachelle, Marcus, Trey, Devin...wait Devin was ok ID: 36349, he was probably the best out of all of them. Collin with no ID, the self proclaimed only Collin that works in National Accounts in the great city of Centennial, CO did me the fine justice of saying that "I don't have to care if they can't get me an installer today." When I asked him if it was fair that the company failed to honor their promises. They set the appointment time, they failed to honor it. I even took it a step further to ask if it was fair if the company promised to pay him on Friday, but then decided that they would instead pay them three weeks later, with no notice, no reason, no compensation, just reschedule even though you did everything you were supposed to do. He said no to that...still waiting on my install. So I asked for his manager...Eric who's number I have, but won't provide for his sake...since he probably should be on bereavement...he didn't seem too thrilled about his roll and I told him that. He said "Your region has a logistic problem that we need to fix..." So he said he would call my region's dispatch then give me a call back to let me know his findings and what he could do for me. I asked for a time to expect a call...within an hour he says. So I tell him I'm going to call him at 61 minutes if he doesn't call me back because I knew that he wouldn't call me...to my surprise, or not an hour passed no call. So I called him back, he hesitated at first like he was surprised I would call him back and then said he got off the phone with dispatch 5 minutes prior and was getting ready to call me...like it took 55 minutes to call and find out...NOTHING. Because after all that time he still couldn't get someone out to do what they promised they would do and wasted my time NOT CALLING ME to at least honor the promise that HE made to me.

All that garbage they talk about wanting to provide top quality service and serve their customer's with integrity. I wanted to lace the whole place with profanity, but instead I'm taking to FB, their corporate pages, and their corporate office. I've cancelled everything else because I can't live with them one more second, AT&T or GOOGLE if you are out there reading, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE expand your internet services in the Dacula, GA area because this is completely unacceptable.

Update: Now I get a call back from escalations telling me that they actually NEVER received a call from Eric and that he lied about reaching out to that group and simply submitted a ticket...funny that...

So like, comment, share, add to this if you have an experience to share. Send the story to your local papers, repost on your blogs, whatever you can do to spread it. #CONCast #Comcast #Upset #Irate #HonorYourPromises #HandleYourBusiness #ThatAintRight #FixThisNow #ForReal #ATT #Google #BBB

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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