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WTH putting TCM in a sports package?? We pay this greedy company almost 250 bucks a month for cable and internet.

They move my favorite channel to a sports package and want another 10 bucks a month to get it back. Called their worthless 800 number and basically told to *** off and pay up.

This company doesn't give a damn about their customers just the almighty dollar. We have been customers for over 10 years, never been late with payments even though our charges continuously *** up (180 starting out 248 now).I don't even know if we will finish out our current contract, that's how INFURIATED we are.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Cable Tv Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Comcast Pros: Internet reliable.

Comcast Cons: Overpriced, Constantly raising prices took away tcm.

  • Customer Dissatisfaction
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My hubby and i are senior citizens and love TCM we also watched another movie channel on 354 WGN3 which is now "court tv". We don't have the $$$ for any sports packages or anything more...they took away one of our pleasures in life with the removal of these movie channels.

.I didn't see my bill go down, has anyone else. Rhonda pissed in Merrillville, In


I paid for a package that included TCM. Now they have moved it to a sports package and raised the price.

This in essence increases the cost of my package that I have paid for. I want a refund of $10.00 per month or I want TCM back.

I don't want a sports package. Greedy Rat Bastards!

Ryan G

Try ever increasing carriage fees, then you will see why cable is so expensive, and only use the online support.