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I am IRATE right now! For as much as I pay this *** company, I would think that I could get EXACTLY what it says I get!!!! The *** lady on the On Demand says and I quote" The SAME DAY that a DVD is RELEASED ~ IT is available to ME on MY ON DEMAND."

Please, tell me if this is a FACT and not FALSE ADVERTISMENT.... Then why the *** am i not able on May 12th to watch the movie Underworld Rise of the Lichens????? Its out on DVD today and i can GO and BUY the movie!!!!!!!!! But i can not watch it on my On Demand like IT SAYS I CAN!!!!!!!

I am highly pissed off I pay an arm and a leg so that my family can watch whatever the *** they want to But BUT WHEN I WANT TO WATCH SOMETHING I CAN NOT BECAUSE COMCAST LIES!!!!

And why the *** can they not send me a pamphlet containing information on packages that they offer!!! In stead i have to listen to some *** *** tell me why she can not MAIL me IT!!!


I get to watch T.V. 3 hours a WEEK!!

That is $100.00 PER FRICKEN HOUR!!! What do you think about that?

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Tv Service.

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Derby, England, United Kingdom #58546

I hate comcast they are a rip off I have been going back and forth with them for a whole week. They raised my monthly charges didnt inform me of this then lost a payment.

I paid them now they cant find it. Fios is looking better and better each day.


It's obvious to me that if you only watch 3 hours of tv a week that you must have a life. A very busy one.

The fact is they do profit from false advertisement, misleading terms, and misinformation.

They have maybe one good employee out of 5 and as many as there are, those numbers are not promising. Yet there will always be some *** who thinks ripping people off is okay.


Guess what! You are still making the monthly payments aren't you?

Whine, whine. So what its not on the same day. Do you not have a life? Get a grip, read your kids a book or play a board game.

Push back from the tv(sort of speak) ***, get some business about yourself other than tv, comcast and video on demand.

What an example for your kids. Oh by the way...Thanks for adding to my stocks,lol.

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