Here is my letter to Comcast!

To Whom It May Concern:

I am an at home mother, who in fact, is a medical transcriptionist at night. I have a lot of medical background and know this to be true; For every 1 person who complains to a hospital due to an injustice or a medical disservice there are 50 patients who leave without saying a thing. Those 50 patients that leave, tell family and friends about the poor service they received. Of course, you can see a chain of events that occur, a spider web of bad publicity. And years of trying to regain the communities trust.

I also know that when an employee is hired, a company accepts this employee to represent them. Whether it be a truck drivers performance on the road or a doctors performance in the ER. These companies have trusted these people. I know that the current Michigan economy is not a welcome sight. So when there is a repeat of disservice, Comcast should look upon their company and find themselves cleaning house! Otherwise, Comcast is left with bad publicity and the competitor is granted the service.

Now that I have said this, I would like to explain the disservice that I have received from your company. In October of 2007 I purchased the notorious Triple Play from your company. I have seen so many advertisements describing how this Triple Play will connect family members and save customers money. Let me tell you how your company has connected me to MY JOB! I had many disruptions in my phone, cable television, and internet connection from day 1. I was told that I just needed to continue to reset my communication box with a pen because I have yet to gain a strong signal at my residence, due to the new installation. Okay. That's fine. I continued to have disruptions over the next couple of months. Therefore, I discontinued my phone service and cable television with your company. You would think that someone would notice a red flag and wonder why this customer is discontinuing two services at her home. I guess I am just a number to your company. Are you the company I see on television “the big expensive phone company?” I can see who that commercial is really directed at, Comcast.

Okay, the story continues, of course. I thought that I would still continue my internet service to see if this really was a glitch. Well it may have been a glitch because I didn't have any persistent problems. That's what I thought. Well then I noticed a Comcast truck outside and just before I saw the technician leave, my internet service was disconnected. I called Comcast and I was told to put a pen inside the reset area on the back of my communication box. The service did not reconnect. I was told to do that 2 more times. The woman on the phone told me that her computer was telling her that the internet was disconnected. Well I could have told her that much, in fact, I did. She probably wasn't listening. I was told that a technician would come out that evening and fix this issue, due to my work as a transcriptionist, and that he disconnected it when he was connecting a different customer in the building. Good, the technician came out and he connected the outside wires again.

The second time this happened, it was on a Friday night and the Comcast truck appeared, once again our internet service was disconnected. I called Comcast and was told that since it was so late in the day, mind you I do my transcription at night, that a she would get a technician to come out on Saturday morning. I was displeased, but I was happy that she was going to have him come out on a Saturday to fix the issue. Saturday rolled around and 11 am passed by, no technician, like previously promised. I called Saturday at 3pm. The dispatcher on the phone told me that he arrived at 11 am at my apartment complex and was approached by a different Comcast customer with an ongoing problem with their cable television service and he fixed their problem. He left without following through with our request. I know that this technician had a order form of some sort that told him that apartment #12 needed assistance. The dispatcher continued to tell me that the technician could not come back until the following Monday. I am sure I do not need to complain about this certain situation, you can see my frustration. This is yet ANOTHER night of not working, in which, pays for YOUR service that I am not getting!

Now, on to my third and final episode. A Comcast truck appeared once again at around 4 pm on 05/15/08. I wasn't going to wait for another irritating episode to happen. So I very politely went down stairs and said:

ME: Can I make a request.

TECH: Well it depends on what your requesting.

ME: The last two times your service truck came to this complex my service was disconnected. Could you make sure that apartment #12 is connected after your done here. I do medical transcription at night for work and I need my service to be connected.

TECH: Yeah, I am just tagging the wires to make sure we know what cable goes to what apartment.

ME: Okay.

The technician left without checking to see if my internet service was restored. It was not. So I called again to Comcast and spoke to a very nice representative. He told me that he was sorry for my inconvenience and that he could get someone out here at 2 pm the next day. I was irate at that time and asked, quite rudely I might add, to speak with his manager. I spoke to Omar and he wanted to help me out, but being so late in the day he could not get a technician out here until 9 am on 05/16/08. This is a good example of incompetent employees.

This letter is to notify you of my disservice and of the inconvenience that I have experienced. At the end of the month I am discontinuing my service with Comcast and switching to AT&T. You wonder why there are some elderly out there that are rude and impatient. Probably because of years of disservice and mistreatment. People are not just numbers and timely bill payments.

And by the way today is the 23rd and we only get our online connection in the early morning and late at night due to some bad connection in the celing. Yeah, they were supposed to call us on the 19th to get someone out here to fix the problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Comcast Installation.

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modem problems still not fixed and yes i have dyslexia its a handicap


09-02-2010 02:40 AM

I had one "rca" rented from your company for my home address. I tried to get business class service with you but you all messed that all up and I yanked the contract from you. You failed to give me what I had asked for and gave me a big runaround + BAIT AND SWITCH AND I DON'T CARE FOR EXCUSES I tried to clear everything up several times and still got messed over by you all.. you connected two modems in my house the home side modem on the home account AND MY BUSINESS CLASS MODEM ON THE BUSINESS SIDE... MY HOME ACCOUNT modem only worked for 2 days maybe 3. I called you all to come get it 5 times. I have a taped conversation with your rep. stating she would send some one by to get it. This conversation went on three more times. I had already taken the liberty of fixing the problem my self by buying two good modems on line, one for a back up for my self.... I called and activated it no problem, the old modem remained at my house IN A CLOSET AWAITING PICK UP. Then I called for business class services to be added to my address the installer which canceled twice without informing me, finely showed up to install a second modem WHICH WAS ALSO AN RCA "rca" in the same address.. my residential side was still going to remain on, so my PERSONNEL modem (1xArris Ttm202a/tm02da102 Ethernet/cable Modem this one is online now from ebay

- eBay from old insight customer who certified it with a cashier's receipt payed in full 1 x Arris Telephony VOIP BROADBAND Modem TM402P with Battery Backup by Arris from Amazon.com) The old "RCA" from the home set up, which did not work, I gave to THE INSTALLER THAT DAY!! After several attempts by me TO GET SOME ONE OUT HERE TO PICK IT UP! I THOUGHT WELL HERES SOME ONE AND HE WORKS FOR YOU ALL; NOW THERE ARE 4 WITNESS TO THIS TRANSACTION... OK NOW COMCAST HAS POSSESSION OF THE FIRST RCA HOME MODEM FROM THE HOME ACCOUNT IS NOW IN THE INSTALLERS HAND IN WHICH HE TAKES TO HIS TRUCK... MY OWN MODEM "ARRIS" REMAINS AND A BUSINESS CLASS "RCA" OF COMCAST'S IS LEFT BY THE INSTALLER BOTH ARE NOW ACTIVE. THE BUSINESS CLASS MODEM SEEMS TO BE NOT FUNCTIONING CORRECTLY, ON A CLEAN FORMATTED COMPUTER WITH A GIGGA FAST ETHERNET CARD MY THOUGH OUT PUT IS ABOUT 3 Mbps DOWN AND 128 Kbps UP....NEED I SAY MORE!! OK FINE I ORDERED THE FASTEST SPEED FOR THAT ACCOUNT I WAS TOLD IT WOULD BE DOCS ES 3.0 AND I WOULD GET UP TO AT LEAST 30-50Mbps DOWN AND 5-10 UP YET ANOTHER LIE WAS FED BY COMCAST...... PEOPLE! now when COMCAST MESSED up my ORDER INSTALL DATE MY set up for business class... MY CABLE SPEEDS..I DID WHAT ANY GOOD RUNNING BUSINESS WOULD DO I CANCELED MY BUSINESS CLASS SERVICES WITH COMCAST BECAUSE THEY ARE COSTING ME AND MY COMPANY, TIME, WASTED EFFORT, CUSTOMERS, AND MONEY!!! IF COMCAST IS GOING TO BE THAT TROUBLESOME AND HORRIBLE AT EVERY THING THEY TRY TO DO THEN WHY WOULD I KEEP YOU ON MY BUSINESS SIDE OF THINGS... NOW I TOOK YOUR NEW MODEM FOR THE BUSINESS CLASS THAT THE INSTALLER PLUGGED IN FOR ME AND BROUGHT IT BACK BY HAND TO THE OFFICE IN E-TOWN ON RING ROAD ON FRIDAY AFTER NOON. I DROVE TO YOUR OFFICE ON RING RD and I had to demanded a receipt for my returned equipment, one "rca" business class cable modem. Now Comcast is in possession of both of their modems. But now because dsl reports and ripoff.com all said that I need to demand a return receipt if I was going to drop it off. Because apparently it never gets done right by the desk reps...AND COMCAST ALWAYS TRY'S TO CHARGE YOU, NOW THAT CAME FROM OTHER CUSTOMERS in which undoubtedly have been done wrong as well. In which I am glad I did make sure to get the receipt.... now up to date I LEFT MY HOME ACCOUNT ON BUT DROPPED MY BUSINESS CLASS WITH YOU, RIGHT? RIGHT! GOOD! I was going to switch over to my back up modem because it seems to be a better choice it has battery BACK UP SYSTEM AND BECAUSE I USE VOIPS THROUGH T-MOBIL, I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE BETTER. THE ELECTRIC ON THIS SIDE OF TOWN BROWNS OUT A LOT ......BUT OH WAIT MR. FARMER YOU ARE STILL RENTING OUR MODEM, AND I CAN NOT ACTIVATE UNTIL YOU TURN OUR OLD MODEM IN TO US...... what????? YET MORE PROBLEMS I HAVE TO DEAL WITH FROM COMcCKRAP............NOW CAN YOU CLEAR THIS UP? I'M A VERY BUSY MAN... I WORK, I RUN A GOOD COMPANY AND I DON'T HAVE EXTRA TIME TO DEAL WITH YOUR CORPRIT MESS UPS... I HAVE ALREADY TOLD MANY CONSTITUENTS NOT TO GO WITH YOUR BUSINESS CLASS SERVICES AND TO STAY AWAY FROM COMCAST .... I HAVE BEEN TOLD BY TWO THAT MY INFO WAS MUCH APPRECIATED AND THEY WON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE AS I DID AND GO WITH COMCAST.. AND IM GOING TO CONTINUE TO DO THIS UNTIL YOU ALL, UP THERE IN YOUR PLAY ROOM OFFICES, CAN GET YOUR CRAAP TOGETHER... YOU RUN YOUR BUSSNES LIKE A MAD HOUSE, WITH NO ORDER. IT SEEMS TO BE A CATASTROPHE IN ACTION, A PLACE OF ANARCHY, AND NO COMMON SENSE... YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKEN TO MUCH OF MY TIME WITH THE DAY TO DAY PHONE CALLS , LIES, BAIT AND SWITCH, AND CANCELED APPOINTMENTS! you play head games with all my posting. trying to dodge all my post by dancing around the problem and complaining about my spelling as if my dyslexia handicap wasn't hard another to deal with.... you all have to throw that back at me ... and find it amusing to laugh and some ones handicap enough already Some company you all turned out to be" and then trying to turn it around the best you can to make it my fault... some how switching the focus back to me seem to be another one of your wonderful physiological head games you all play when the costumer is right and you have a hard time admitting it.. for fear of the word finding out your a second class company .... you all also seem to twist what you can when the going get ruff for you... and find no fault of your own and place blame back on the costumer ... what are you all to throw at this customer let see we played blame me ... we played head games we played phone games email games and post notes games"well I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR your all's GAMES! SO FIX IT...YOU ALL WORK FOR ME... I DON'T PAY YOU GOOD MONEY ever mouth FOR ME TO SOLVE ALL YOUR MESS UPS. AS A COMPANY I BUY A SERVICE FROM YOU ....YOU ARE THE ONE THAT NEEDS TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE AND BE THE COMPANY IN WHICH YOUR PUFFERY CLAMS TO BE .. THIS IS WORK FOR YOU.... YOU COMCAST ARE IN THE WRONG!!!! I HAVE MADE 29+ PHONE CALLS TO YOUR CORPORATE OFFICES.. EMAILS TO YOUR SHARE HOLDERS AND NET BASED NEGOTIATION THROUGH 20+ EMAILS AND FORUMS. LOTS OF BLOGS TO WARN PEOPLE OF YOUR GAMES! I'M NOT THE PERSON TO SIT BACK AND JUST TAKE IT..I GET PEOPLE INVOLVED. I MOTIVATE PEOPLE TO STAND UP. I'M A BORN LEADER, A SHAKER ... AND I WILL NOT BACK DOWN. YOU CLAIM A LOT OF PUFFERY TO A WIDE MARKET... BUT YOU AS A COMPANY BOTH FAIL AND REFUSE TO STAND BUY YOUR CLAIMS... IT'S ABOUT TIME SOME ONE OUT HERE STANDS UP TO COMPANY'S LIKE YOU AND FORCES YOU TO DO THE MORAL AND RIGHT THING..even if i am dyslexic .. THANK YOU FOR TAKING YOUR TIME TO READ THIS LETTER! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS YOU CAN CONTACT ME AT 270-317-0954..or richardanthonyfarmer@gmail.com .Richard A.Farmer :(

Littleton, Massachusetts, United States #85135

FYI - if you work from home and you are using Comcast residential cable/ internet/ phone service in your work environment YOU ARE BREAKING YOUR CONTRACT and are subject to termination of service as well as civil litigation - when you use a residental service you MUST agree to the TERMS of SERVICE which clearly state conducting BUSINESS on a residental account is a breach of contract. I have no sympathy for some one who was breaking the rules and has the nerve to complaine about it - get BUSINESS class service to run your BUSINESS on - the service is more reliable and in the event of a servcice issue business accounts get priority




Clover Hill, Maryland, United States #27342

:( I work for Comcast as a level 4 technician and I can tell you first hand that Comcast is the worst company to work for. We are just numbers not people.

They treat customers the same way. They can care less about you or me all they care about is SALES! SALES! SALES!!

We as technicians do not have the time to fix the customers problems.

We are forced to meet a quota of complete calls by the end of the day and if we don't we are repramanded.

Numbers is all they care about not weather we fix an issue or make a customer happy.

The only reason I still work there is because the economy is bad now and I cannot afford to leave Comcast but If i had a choice i would have been gone a year ago.

Lichfield, England, United Kingdom #17198

I live in Maryland and Comcast is no better here than in Michigan. When I lived at my apartment, they would come out and just disconnect my cable for no reason at all.

This happened about 4 times. Turns out that they do auditing and expect you to call them to tell them that your cable is out. I got on the phone each time and very firmly explained to them that I pay my bill every month early to on time and that they better get out here and reconnect my cable immediatly. Fortunatly, they did.

The last time it happened, I told them that this will be the very last time that it happens. I have been very displeased with my service, which is why I have Verizon Broadband. Never have problems with my internet connection.

And be very careful with their triple play, because when your introductory period is over, your monthly bill will be exponentially higher.

I can't wait for Verizon to bring Fios to my area so that I can have Comcast out of my life forever.

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