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I can't watch xfinity videos, see in blogs that I'm one of many. The new webpage is so asinine I only use to access email or tv. Click sign in for tv, the next page says click sign in again. Then I have to click on the username box to activate the cursor. Same with password box. Click the box to stay signed in but doesn't stay signed in. Must name the device every time. Call to complain, takes forever, speak to multiple people, end up with... Read more

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I have been a customer of comcast for at least 21yrs. End of August beginning of September my services were disconnected, had it reinstated on October 25th received a bill on November 5 saying i owed $ that's possible is beyond me!! I called spoke to 4 different people and got 4 different stories as to what the problem is. I am being over charged by over $200 and it's not right. I spoke with a supervisor lastly and he refused to help me... Read more

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We had poor internet service. Comcast confirmed there was a problem with their equipment outside our home and told us we had to be present because the technician had to come in the house before he completed his service. We made an appointment for service on the Sunday following Thanksgiving which required we make a special 2-1/2 hour trip from out-of-town to meet the technician. We were at our home in advance of the appointment time, and we... Read more

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i have had Comcast for 6 years. My cable went out it took me an hour and a half on the phone to get to a tech. Mic cable was out from October 7th to the 31st three technicians later still having all kinds of issues. You asked for some kind of refund and they want to give you $20 as a courtesy what a joke. When you have TV internet phone and Home Security. You would think you would get a better response but no because they just don't care how sad Read more

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Customer service is horrible at Comcast first computer operating system sucks switch me to a different department than what I wanted when talking they constantly are disrespectful then they switch me to another department with a guy is from the Philippine Islands that can't even talk English has no clue what I am saying to him ask to speak to a manager or supervisor and the guy refused still trying to understand what the problem was that I... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 24
  • #960859

Customer service is *** poor!

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 23
  • #960221

View the video I loaded. Saying filthy animal, while showing a Africa American is so offensive. Not all of your customers support the hate that is growing in OUR Country. You must do better.

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Comcast applied all of my payments to an old account and disconnected my current account for non-payment. Now they say they never received payments on the old account. I have my bank statements to prove it. Phone calls go to Phillipines. They have no regard whatsoever for customer service. One rep in Connecticut said she saw all of the mistakes then I was transferred to an off shore call center and the person there said he could not see any... Read more

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It has been a constant battle just to receive the service that I'm paying for at the price quoted. I have spent over 7 hours on the phone with countless representatives since installation at my new home. Here's a novel idea give customers a quality product at a fair price and deliver promised services without hassle. With everything I've gone through I feel like I work for Comcast. Thats why I would not have anything good to say about Xfinity to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 19
  • #958182

It's very rare to get a knowledgeable customer service. When you fianally can talk with a tech guy, they refuse to acknowledge there is signal issue despite their our own tech guy acknowledged it. It's very frustrating that Comcast charge customers but don't provide good service.

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