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Went to Comcast office this a.m. and had the worst customer (lack of) service..Beth Comcast CSR was dressed as a slob, smelled of b.o. and proceeded to talk on and on for almost 7 mins straight without stopping.. I had to raise my hand to speak (yes I am the customer) All I wanted is to have a lower level service due to the rising cost and poor quality service I have been dealing with..Now after this experience I think or know it is time to go... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
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The prices are too high for less then perfect service. I m recooperating from Christmas & asked to extend my bill 19 hours longer so because they won't they want double to turn my services back so long Comcast you lost another good customer . . It's a shame.

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On Nov , my last payment , i wasn't sure to send in my payment before. Calling to check if i should send it. So i calked in and they told me to pay that last payment, and they would send me any overage in a timely manner . Boy were they ever wrong . Im still waiting for my check they said they sent out to me, in Dec. And now were going into Feb. And im still waiting. No check . They send out the bill, and it gets to you in 3days. But Gee i... Read more

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My mother's senior living facility uses Comcast and provides the cable service as part of the package included with the monthly rent. Imagine my surprise when my mother received a bill sent during to her individual mailbox with her apartment number, from COMCAST/Xfinity for $97 with a threat to turn off her service if she doesn't pay. I called them and said "What is this bill for??" I wanted to know if she had signed up for some extra service --... Read more

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I have had 7 technicians out in less than a year, the constant problems still persist? I was recently told during an total system failure , that I had to upgrade to X1, I did. Now 3 weeks into their game, I am still requesting techs and spend hours on phone with tech support. Way too many issues to list from crashing Internet to false account holder statements, billing, no tv or Internet , yet I supposedly have their latest and greatest... Read more

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I got Comcast internet because it was the only internet available to our barracks on the base. It was fine for a long while. I passed it onto my roommate when I moved to a different barrack and dealt with an extremely pleasant man who helped me set it up in my new room. The issues came when I moved off the base and into my apartment. I had two gentlemen come at seperate times to set up the internet. The first one wouldn't do it because he wanted... Read more

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It is hard to believe this company still exits! You have to tell them how to handle a complaint. I had the wrong eauipment sent to me bsd cable boxes and a person was suppose to zend me a cable box and sent me a modem. I told them they had today to fix this problem or I am done. They told me they couldn't send anyone out today so I told them to spend 60.00 for overtime on a tech or lose 2400.00 a year. Hello you need new management. Read more

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  • Jan 11
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They shut more ofd after 30 days.

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On January 4 I checked my bank account and realized there was an UNAUTHORIZED charge for 112.75 from Comcast. I never called to make the payment I'm not signed up for auto pay no one at Comcast can explain how this happened. I didn't have enough in my account that's why I didn't pay the bill NOW my account is 244.75 in a hole and NOONE at Comcast can help me. I've spoken to supervisors Amy a rep named Jessica and shanna I the revenue assurance... Read more

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Comcast internet system plus router
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Is there any reason why this router is working like this day and night especially when one is sleeping?? To top that off no one is using the internet at that time?? How do I know? One has to use the bathroom at time? Yes?? I am on Comcast Insider!!! I waited 10 minutes to downloading and then had to restart over again all it did the first time was spin. My screen is cracked zoom in and see!! I am very careful on how I use and plug in and change... Read more

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