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I returned modem, receiver and remote via UPS Store as requested by Comcast to Charlotte, NC via UPS ground. Comcast will not pay for returned equipment. I have called Comcast billing and they say they never received equipment even though UPS tracking says Comcast did receive equipment and has a signature of recipient at Comcast in Charlotte, NC. I have called Comcast repeatedly a dozen times or... Read more

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Comcast sucks they want you to pay over $125 for one TV in the house and I made monthly payments every month faithfully they wait until you paid $80 to $100 dollars on your account then cut your service off then they lied to me and told me they lost my payment for this month so I drove back to the office showed them my receipt and they told me my payment wasn't lost that they shut it off because... Read more

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COMCAST is the worst service - period. Contract for 2 years - monthly service - $ 110.00 + $ 10.00 modem= 120. My payment after 2 month is already $134.00 - Why US regulation do not protect customers? They protect Comcast - STAY AWAY FROM CAMCAST. Monthly rate will be increased every single month by: $ 1.50, $ 2.75, $ 3.50 and go up and up. President REAGAN did perfect job with AT&T. Maybe... Read more

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2016-2-10 I was moved or called three Comcast phone representatives re cable TV problems. All were well spoken and polite, 2 from Texas, one from NY (all women) in 1 hour 30 minutes of my day nothing re my TV Cable service could be resolved. I find this typical of phone interaction in the category of VERY poor service. When #2 service rep dropped my call she did not reach me on mobile or home... Read more

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They suck, they have replaced the box, cables, splitters inside and out to the pole. It got worse, the last guy said the wire at the pole was damaged and needs to be replaced. That was 38 days ago. Now they added HD function for $9.95 a month on my service back billed me for two month and never gave me a DVR set HD box. This kind of *** has been going on for 5yr. It's the new TV not the service... Read more

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Always an issue whether the picture is scrambled, sound cuts out or both. Always "temporary " outages and complete loss of picture almost like clockwork right around 8:30-9pm. Hope you don't want to watch a live show or movie, you'll miss half of it and have to get it on demand. Internet is a problem too. Losing internet connection when you have your own private wifi?? What a joke. My complex... Read more

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AS A LONG (LONG) TERM FEMALE CUSTOMER WITH COMCAST FOR OVER TWENTY YEARS, I DON'T PAY OVER $200/MONTH TO BE HARASSED BECAUSE OF MY SEX - UNTIL NOW-- On January 23, 2016, I called Comcast numerous times beginning at approximately 7:16 pm ET for assistance with my internet service. I simply could not access the Internet. As this type of inquiry would be a common one that Comcast Internet agents... Read more

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Comcast absolutely sucks. Had a storm that took out electricity and cable on a Friday afternoon around 3:00. Electricity was back up in 30 minutes. Cable however took over 6 hours to restore. No phone, no cable, no internet. Called Comcast about refund for no-service and went into the land of ***. Service support starts with a never ending path of automated prompts. Then you get a live... Read more

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This is derek. I ha e internet with comcast for 8 years and wanted to bundle my TV and Internet with in February of 2016. They first missed there schedule day to come out and install a filter on my lines. Then they was going to charge me $50 for a tech to come out and hook up the cable boxes. I said no because i should be able to hook them up my self. Will the dvdr was the first box i hooked up... Read more

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Customer support stinks. 3 days trying to straighten out a bill only to get a very rude agent by the name of Lester. Would not letme speak to a ssupervisor. WTF! Finally had to tell him to disconnect my service after several years a customer. Add comment

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