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The following is an excerpt from my actual 2013 small claims presentation where I sued Comcast over $1,800. Feel free to use it as you feel the need to help you with your small claims action. Comcast actually perjured themselves several times during my hearing. In one instance bold face lied about having remooved an erroneously placed collection action aganst me. I check a week later to find out it had NOT been removed. It was really eye opening... Read more

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I am sick and tired of having to deal with Customer Service Reps who live in the Philippines, Asia, etc.!!! Business have moved out of the USA, but yet they want the US dollar, and charge customers more and customers are getting less service. If a company is going to do business in a certain country they SHOULD have Customer Services IN that Country who know and speak that language WELL!!! COMCAST, I DO NOT WANT TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE IN THE... Read more

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I've dealt with Comcast for how many years? At least 20+. Last year on my credit report there was an unpaid bill from Comcast. Of course I disputed it. Now, it's back on there again! The report of owed amt is from a time when I had just moved and had my cable turned on in my new apt. So, how do I owe money when I just got it turned on, and had a refund from my other apt? Guess I get to go through the bs again with the liars and get it taken off... Read more

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I had a similar experience - had a tech come out to install new service. Tech look to be about 12. He looked around, couldn't figure out what to do so called the office and they promptly canceled the install. I got on the phone and the supervisor said he would come out the next day. The next day he installed alright. After he left I discovered the cable running through my yard and two neighbors' yards above ground. I am now a week and a... Read more

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Like I said, comcast is ***. For the past 5 days, the internet has been turning on and off every 2-3 hours. The modem (their newest 1) has to be reset every hour (I don't know why but if I don't reset it every hour, it goes to ***). I'm just sick of this so I'm switching to Verizon. We pay to get 150mbps but we barely get 30 on a good day. It's funny to see how comcast boasts about being the best cable tv/internet/phone provider yet they can't... Read more

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  • 2 days ago
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Set price changed in 2 mos ftom 130 to 160 within 3mos. Didnt change my package or buy any movies

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Horrible customer service issues! I have had cable service for months now and just recently got a call about an old bill from over 3 years ago. I have jumped through hoops and then some to give them their information needed. I have been called a liar, been told I must be doing illegal business to get cable service, (right because I have that power). Supposedly talked to managers and supervisors but you don't because they have to email their... Read more

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  • Aug 20
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the cable lines are hanging down so low there up to my head and i'm 5 foot and they won't come out to fix it till Monday no one can get there the alley or park in the back, we call on Friday and they said someone would come but no one did. the people on the phone where rude and did care that the line are about to fall off the apartment. this happen before and they fell out all the way it toke them two weeks to get it fixed where trying to get... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 17
  • #902554

Worst cable company ever see in my life very poor services very bad costumer services too many lies don't use this company

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The first time I used Comcast because the price of bundle $59.00, it was good for a while since almost 7 month ago Comcast charging me closer $100.00 should be $59.00 include Internet and TV, right now they charge me Bundle $59.00, Internet $13.00 ,TV 13.94 this is totally not right, so they try to rib off some body money, this is poor company, please Manager pay attention about this problem, I was thinking manager don't understand this is just... Read more

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